The Best of Episode (162) - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

The Best of Episode (162)

February 09, 2023

In this episode we showcase some of our most popular guests from 2022 and highlight their answer to the question I ask at the end of each episode:

“What parting piece of advice would you give a Bombshell: a bold, brave, unwaveringly confident woman in business?”

Tune in to hear the wisdom for the following episodes:

Personal Development Cannot Happen Without Personal Disruption with Pauline Nguyen (120)

Personal Growth as the Path to Personal Power with Annie Holcombe (148)

Creative Careers: Making a Living with Your Ideas with Jeff Madoff (142)

From Impoverished Immigrant to Successful IT Bombshell Business Owner with Alejandrina Aguilar (156)

Surviving and Thriving Through an Economic Downturn with Tom Park (139)

The 5 Step Formula to Moving Past “Failure” with Tiffany Napper (138)

The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson (154)

Up Your Leadership Game with EQ with Kathleen Riessen (136)

Growing Your Brand with a “Wow” Factor with Robin Craigen of Moving Mountains (147)

Where Business Strategy Meets Economics with Dr. Mary Kelly (133)

Get Out of My Head with Andrew McConnell (127)

Gender Equity and Empowering Women with Jane Finette (124)

Money Mindset Madness with Chana Mason (119)


We can’t wait to record some new episodes with the amazingly talented guests we have lined up for you. Tune in on the website, on your favorite listening app or check it out on YouTube!

A Never Give Up Mindset with Rebecca LombardoBouncing Back from No with Lucy Bedewi

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