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The 5 Step Formula to Moving Past “Failure” with Tiffany Napper (138)

September 15, 2022

Today our guest is going to teach us one of my favorite things: how to lead with curiosity. She will reveal how recognizing that failures are part of the process and will actually unlock more success. And it’s also a special guest because she is a very, very close friend of mine who knows my secrets, my dreams, my insecurities and even the successes I don’t publicly share. Tiffany Napper, the Holistic Business Coach, is a blessing to me and I know you are going to adore her, too.

In this episode Tiffany is going to ask you to start acting more like a scientist and get really curious with your next goal or project. 

She challenges you to ask five questions as you look at a future challenge and notice how it unlocks new paths for success. Tune in so you can hear her unpack the deeper context to each of the questions:

1-What did you learn?

2-How much of that was within your control?

3-What could or would you do differently next time?

4-Is that valuable information to you moving forward?

5-Where would we be without this experience?

So join us in our conversation as we learn about creating awareness and acceptance, then taking aligned action, not shaming ourselves. Real talk? As I watched this back I needed it! I hope it blesses you, too!

About Tiffany Napper

With five successful ventures under her belt, Holistic Business Coach and decade-strong entrepreneur, Tiffany Napper,  is no stranger to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Once she sustainably learned how to go from stressed and exhausted to aligned and energetic, she launched the Upleveler Society, determined to pass her wisdom along to others. Soon after, Yahoo Finance! named her one of the most inspiring coaches helping women during the pandemic.  Her mission now is to reignite the spark in creative CEOs so that they can run empires that bring them abundance and joy.

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