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  • Velvet Machete® Leadership Academy is an interactive, 8-week group coaching certification experience that supports you in maximizing your influence, focus, and results as a powerful leader.

    Become more effective and efficient while doing more with less via the proven and actionable strategies of the Velvet Machete® Leadership journey. With five key pillars in clear focus, you are guided through small, achievable steps to unveil one massive impact: becoming an influential, confident, compassionate leader in a fast-paced, ever-changing world.

    All levels of leadership across many industries all add to the depth of experience. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


  • You have the challenge of creating an engaging, motivating and FUN audience experience, whether that is in-person or virtually, and Amber Hurdle absolutely understands what that means for you. That’s because in addition to being a public speaker since she was a child (no, really…she was the girl who won blue ribbons at speech meets), her career includes years of celebrity event production, as well as overseeing the internal events and communications department for the largest Marriott Hotel in the world, Gaylord Opryland Resort & Attractions. Her team planned hundreds of events each year, from small strategic planning meetings to large-scale productions fashioned to entertain while educating thousands of employees. That’s why our team understands what you are trying to accomplish for your event and we’d LOVE to help you make it a success. Most of the feedback Amber gets from her keynotes is that she is funny, down to earth, and never loses the attention of her audiences. If you would like to start the conversation, please visit Amber Hurdle’s speaking page to learn more and connect!

  • Hire great talent. Build better teams. Manage them brilliantly.

    Whether you’re looking for your next great hire, trying to identify your high-potential employees, or figuring out how to engage your team, The Predictive Index® can help. When you discover the behaviors that drive workplace performance, you can inspire your employees to greatness. Take the free, 6-minute assessment, get a taste of what PI can do for your business, and we’ll reach out in the next 1-2 business days to discuss how you can harness the power of PI to solve your most pressing business challenges.


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  • Does Your Team Fascinate?

    Most personality tests measure how you see the world. The Fascination Personality Test, created by Sally Hogshead, is different; it looks at cues and signals that you are intentionally or unintentionally sending, to tell you how the world sees you. If you’ve already done a test such as Myers-Briggs or DiSC or StrengthsFinder, you have a point of view on the way you see things. But with the Fascination Personality Test, you’ll see yourself through the eyes of your clients and co-workers.

    Perfect for sales training, team building, leadership training, retreats, conferences, and more, this high-energy, fun and intentional experience can and will change the game in your organization. CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Are you frustrated with inconsistent customer service, “good enough” social media, vague marketing, and lagging behind the competition? WE CAN HELP! Whether you are promoting your brand, recruiting and training a team, or enlisting the help of others in your marketing, you must have a consistent, fiercely competitive brand presence. If you want to up-level your brand identity and customer experience our Velvet Machete® Business Branding course can help.

    Clarify your brand messaging, identify your ideal customer(s), craft your brand standards, develop your brand personality and “voice,” define your one-of-a-kind features and benefits, create service standards to teach and inspire your team and vendors, eliminate competition by defining your unique brand experience, and reference all of that and more in a visually appealing brand guide! CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll!


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