Discover How the World Sees You

Most personality tests measure how you see the world. The Fascination Personality Test, created by Sally Hogshead, is different; it looks at cues and signals that you are intentionally or unintentionally sending, to tell you how the world sees you.

If you’ve already done a test such as Myers-Briggs or DISC or StrengthsFinder, you have a point of view on the way you see things. But with the Fascination Personality Test, you’ll see yourself through the eyes of your clients and co-workers.

Perfect for sales training, team building, leadership training, retreats, conferences, and more, this high-energy, fun and intentional experience can and will change the game in your organization.

Download a two-page fyer HERE.

See the Difference a Personal Brand Can Make

*Sources: Carnegie Institute for Science & average statistics from assessment participants


More confidence


Improvement in communication skills


Increase in employee engagement


Are You Ready to Put Your Personality to Work for You?

Participants of the How to Fascinate® training will:

· Identify top strengths

· Make stronger first impressions

· Build more powerful relationships

· Increase influence and impact

· Improve communication and team effectiveness

How To Fascinate® Training Options

With Fascinate Certified Advisor, Amber Hurdle

Training Includes

  • Access for each participant to take the Fascination Advantage Assessment® and receive their full report.
  • How to Fascinate® Training Handbook for each participant.
  • Ongoing email follow-up, specific to their assessment results, supporting and building their understanding and confidence in using their Advantages. 

Amber Hurdle, Certified Fascinate Advisor, delivers a high-energy, interactive session exploring participants’ Fascination Advantage so they can create their personality brand. Participants will will learn to: 

Half-Day Session 

Full-Day Session 

(up to 4 hours)

  • Apply their Fascination Advantage® to influence others and communicate at their best.
  • Leverage their Advantages and create a personal brand that stands out through their differences.
  • Learn about their communication “red flags” and how they could be turning people off.
  • Describe their value in 2-3 words by creating an Anthem; also known as a personality tagline.

(up to 6 hours)

Half-day results, plus: 

  • Solve real work situations and generate team sourced ideas using the Fascinate Advantages.
  • Understand your team’s core strengths, communication style, and how as a team you’re most and least likely to solve problems, deal with conflict and achieve results. 

Download a two-page fyer HERE.


About Amber Hurdle

Amber Hurdle understands what it takes to accelerate success. A former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse business woman, Amber has worked with international celebrities and Fortune 100 companies alike. Whether she is energizing and educating leadership to boldly live their organization’s culture and next-level their employee engagement, or empowering entrepreneurs, teaching them out of the box business strategies, Amber’s straight shooting “velvet machete” and warm personality never fail to motivate professionals to up their game.

Empower Your Team to Fascinate 


"Amber’s delivery of the material was my favorite part of her presentation. I have been to so many trainings in the past and Amber’s level of engagement, energy and practicality made this by far the most useful training I’ve ever participated in."

-Adam Beloney, Loews Hotels

"Amber gets the importance of leadership! She truly is a one of a kind instructor on leadership and I always enjoy working with her."

-Katie Franklin, FedEx Ground