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    You have the challenge of creating an engaging, motivating and FUN audience experience, and I ABSOLUTELY understand what that means for you. That’s because my career includes years of event production, most recently overseeing the events and communications department for the largest Marriott in the world, Gaylord Opryland. My team literally planned hundreds of events each year, from small strategic planning meetings to large-scale productions fashioned to entertain while educating thousands of employees.

    I know from “the other side” that THE most important component for a successful event is the energy that is projected from the stage, and therefore the entire room. That’s why I had my finger on that pulse without fail.

    While I personally prepped senior leaders for their part in the event experience over the years, I was also responsible for any speakers or entertainers we brought in, as well.

    I know I spent countless hours researching the RIGHT people to motivate, inspire and educate the audiences I’ve served, so I thought I would provide as much information as you may need to decide if I’m the right fit for your event right here for your convenience.

    Of course, if you prefer to connect immediately to check my availability or so I may answer your questions, please click here to take the next step:

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    I truly appreciate that you are considering me and I hope we have the opportunity to discuss your vision and event goals very soon!

  • "Amber's level of engagement, energy and practicality made this by far the most useful training I've ever participated in."

    ~ Adam, Loews Hotels

    Here’s what you can expect while working with me:

    1. Friendly, exceptionally responsive service from my team and from Cardinal Keynotes, who manages my speaking engagements.
    2. A personal phone consultation so we can learn what your event goals are, the priorities of your audience, as well as what YOU ultimately want audience members to experience and learn so I can exceed your expectations.
    3. A highly professional, engaging presentation delivered with great energy and with the event purpose at the forefront of the experience.
    4. A post-event wrap up call to ensure your satisfaction.
    5. Social media promotion of your public event, if desired.

    My first speech meet was in the 6th grade. I recited “The Road Less Traveled” and received a blue ribbon. That was my first experience influencing and encouraging the many, and that amazing feeling I got from speaking into the lives of others stuck with me!

    While most people’s greatest fear is public speaking, I dare say I’m far more comfortable addressing an audience than I am recording a podcast all by myself. When I see the light bulbs going off in people’s minds and the energy shift in the room, I know we are on to something! At that point I trust people just might leave my talk with intentions set and a vision for how they can apply their learnings. And isn’t that the point?

    My career has been a co-mingling of external and internal public relations-sometimes being the voice of the organizations I represented to the public and the media, and other times supporting the most senior leaders or working behind the scenes to create experiences for internal key stakeholders such as employees, members or alumni.

    This combination has moved me beyond the minor fact that I am the one delivering the message, and keeps me focused on being a part of a greater purpose and the vision that the event itself has carefully crafted.

    In other words, it’s not about me. It’s ALL about you!




     It was a breeze working with Amber. She was energetic, organized, on time and added the unexpected to our program. Her presentation was interactive, out-of-the-box and engaging. Our conference attendees raved about it in our conference survey – she was definitely a highlight of the conference.                                            

    Natalie Glenn | Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving, The University of Georgia Terry College of Business 

    Ann Dee McClane

     Amber spoke at a staff meeting for my mid-sized law firm on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. Not only did she address the obvious need for this, but she gave tangible methods for easing the stressors each day brings. The feedback from that session was resounding—“That hour with Amber was well spent!”

    I highly recommend Amber as a speaker for your organization. Her ability to get down to what really matters will motivate, encourage and inspire your audience.

    I have not met anyone else who matches her enthusiasm and passion. She is a true go-getter and someone who truly believes in what she does. That sentiment is contagious and frankly, something to be admired.

    Ann Dee McClane  |  Director of Marketing and Business Development, Bone McAllester Norton PLLC


     Amber is passionate, driven and precise.  She paces her delivery and content to the audience, which is probably why we received many compliments on her presentation.

    She was also very prompt and professional in her correspondence regarding our event. She took the time to explore what the attendees’ interests and needs were and even provided take away materials that could be applied that afternoon.

    Any organization would definitely benefit as she can share true-life examples and quality information for their group, and I look forward to working with Amber again.

    Amber Hurdle is a ROCKSTAR!

    Kellie Bryson | Vice President, Nashville National Association for Catering and Events (NACE)


    Amber lives up to her personal brand. She has ensured relevant topics, team engagement, as well as applicable and realistic solutions. She has been practical and flexible with our business needs and kept employees in the forefront of our endeavors. With Amber’s help, we will raise the bar on our service and have a true definition of our culture.

    Elly Cane | Director of HR, Loews Hotels Business Service Center

    Amber Hurdle Testimonial Holder

    Amber Hurdle is a fun and energetic speaker, who is very relatable. She obviously cares deeply for others based on her interactions with people and how she makes them feel.

    She was invited to speak to our annual theme, “Telling Your Story,” and our audience loved hearing about her touching journey and where it has taken her. Amber was open and honest — not afraid to share herself with others and give her all.

    Amber would be a great speaker for any age group, from teens to older women, and we would certainly love to have her again sometime!

    Jessica Templeton | Vice-President , Women’s Ministry Event


    Amber’s delivery of the material was my favorite part of her presentation. I have been to so many trainings in the past and Amber’s level of engagement, energy and practicality made this by far the most useful training I’ve ever participated in.

    -Adam, Director of Billing

    When Amber started talking about having a communication strategy it started to “click” for me, and I felt I could apply her solutions in my real world daily business activities. I started using her teachings immediately after our workshop, and it has enabled me to be more agile and produce better results. Thank you, Amber!

    -Shanna, Training Manager

    Learning how to fine tune my communication style was helpful because it helped me with my one-on-one interactions with my team. Each personality is different, so adapting my style has helped me get the most out of my team communication.

    -Janet, Credit Manager


    Thanks again for considering me as your speaker. The next stage in the process would be comparing calendars! Just click on the button below and someone on Team Hurdle will be in touch with you ASAP.

  • Want Amber to Speak at Your Next Event?

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