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  • "Amber Gets Real, Real Fast!"

    That’s an exact event attendee quote and the gist of most client comments, whether I’m speaking from the stage, coaching individually or in a group, or working with a team. There is so much noise in the world and from our inner critics that keep us from performing at our best.

    The thing is, because of these obstacles, even the most confident among your team or conference attendees likely struggle with how to define and position their unique value:

    • As a leader trying to influence decisions through their personal brand.
    • As an employer trying to attract, retain, and maximize your most costly asset, their human capital, through their employer brand.
    • As a business trying to gain market share and provide a competitive and remarkable customer experience through their business brand.

    I say that I sell branding, but I deliver confidence. It’s amazing what happens when we can celebrate and amplify what makes us different. That’s exactly when we start to attract the right people and opportunities to our lives. 

    With real-world examples, my own stories of #failingforward and succeeding, audience participation, and a lot of relatable humor, it is my privilege to see people walk out of my session with clear direction after experiencing one of my high content keynotes delivered in a motivational style. But don’t take my word for it! The weeks-long social media buzz from your attendees after your event usually says it all!

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  • Amber Hurdle's Speaking Topics

    All Presentations are Tailored to Your Audience | Training Options Available Upon Request



    Format: ​45-60 minute keynote with customized full day option available

    Topics Covered: Leadership, Personal Branding, Confidence, Influence (Can Be Customized Specifically for Women In Business)

    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Senior leadership
    • Middle management
    • Managers who lack the confidence to lead with authority and/or managers who need to finesse their communication style to inspire instead of dictate
    • Leaders who want to influence results by managing up, leading their team or obtaining buy-in from their peers
    • Small business owners


    Your personal brand is a snapshot of who you authentically are as an individual, revealing what you uniquely offer the world. It helps people quickly identify with you, enabling you to attract key people into your life; and it provides an immediate perception that puts you top of mind for specific opportunities that can benefit your career, the people you lead, and the organization you work for. So it is mission critical that what people are saying about you when you are not in the room is in alignment with your leadership goals.

    It can be incredibly difficult to discover and articulate your super powers, especially if you are routinely reflecting on your “weaknesses.” That’s why in this highly engaging keynote, globally recognized branding expert, Amber Hurdle, shows you how to use what already comes natural to you to build a personal brand that people will love and respect – making you an even more powerful driving force in business and in life.

    Participants will leave with:

    • The ability to define, position and deliver their distinct value 
    • Confidence that comes with understanding their personal brand and its impact on engagement, cooperation, and the bottom line
    • Strategies to overcome perceived weaknesses
    • The ability to motivate and inspire others to work towards a common vision that captivates their attention, commitment, and discretionary effort.

    If you want to step into your personal power by simply doubling down on your unique personality, talents, and experience, this program is for you!

    The Hidden Impact of Employer Branding : How Your Team Can Make or Break Your Business

    Format: ​45-60 minute keynote with customized full-day option available

    Topics Covered: Recruiting, Retention, Company Culture, Employee Engagement

    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Senior leadership
    • Managers
    • HR professionals
    • Small business owners


    The talent war wages on, yet most companies can hardly compete because they do not have a strong employer brand that thrives from the inside out. If you want to attract your ideal talent to your company, you have to think like a candidate and act like a marketer.

    Sales, tech stacks, customer experience, revenue management, inventory and supply chain, profitably and so much more are critical parts of your business success, but guess who drives all of those components?


    That’s why companies that outperform the rest own their reputation as an employer of choice as a top priority.

    In this humorous keynote, globally recognized branding expert Amber Hurdle will guide you on how to strengthen your brand with customers and investors alike while learning:

    • Why your team is the greatest asset and the greatest threat to your brand reputation and customer satisfaction
    • How to build and communicate an authentic experience to attract, engage and retain top talent that drives results
    • Why employer branding plays a vital role in successful mergers and acquisitions
    • What four key areas protect and amplify your employer brand

    When you attract and retain the best team, you can offer your customers the best of everything. After this experience, you will know how to optimize your talent to create happy employees, customers, and bottom lines!






    Format: ​60-90 minute keynote, half-day or full-day workshop
    Topics Covered: Leadership, Personal Branding, Influence, Sales, Team Building*

    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Senior leadership
    • All leaders
    • Sales teams
    • Customer service teams
    • All team meetings
    • Executive retreats
    • Team off-sites

    Did you know your personality has a specific advantage that is most likely to impress and influence the person sitting on the other side of the table? Once you know what makes you valuable to others, you’re more authentic and confident, and more likely to make a brilliant impression…with your peers, your team members and even your superiors.

    Through the Fascination Advantage Assessment, Senior Fascinate Certified Advisor, Amber Hurdle, will introduce you to your Personality Archetype, which reveals what makes you unique and distinct, using the combination of your primary and secondary Advantages. You will discover how the world sees you and how you can naturally use your Personality Archetype to communicate and influence others. You’ll even create your Anthem–your personal tagline–to show your unique value in just a few words. More importantly, you will learn how to identify with other Archetypes in order to help take your influence to the next level!

    You will understand your core strengths, communication style, and how you are most and least likely to solve problems, deal with conflict, and achieve results. Every participant will understand how he or she contributes to their team, so you will all walk away feeling more confident in who you are and what you are doing right. Participants will understand how to: 

    • Identify top strengths
    • Make stronger first impressions
    • Build more powerful relationships
    • Increase influence and impact 
    • Close more sales
    • Retain valuable team members
    • Improve communication, team effectiveness, and more!

    You may have taken many assessments that help you understand how you see the world, but by participating in this workshop you will learn how the world sees you at your best. Only then can you discover your distinct brand of persuasion. Leverage this information and you can build a personal brand (and a team) that people will love.

    “Your Team at Your Best” Option 

    You will learn everything described,  plus: You will understand your team’s core strengths, communication style, and how you are most and least likely to solve problems, deal with conflict, and achieve results as a team. Every team member will understand how he or she contributes to the team, as well as the value of similarities AND differences with others, so you will walk away feeling more confident in who you are and what you are doing right. Equipped with the How to Fascinate® Training Handbook and full Fascinate Advantage team analysis, your team will understand how to: identify top strengths; make stronger first impressions; build more powerful relationships; increase influence and impact; and improve communication and team effectiveness.

    Assessment fees are based on quantity.

    The Fascination Advantage® System: Copyright ©2014-2021 Sally Hogshead and How to Fascinate®. All Rights Reserved.



    Format: ​45-60 minute virtual keynote or interactive live keynote 

    This program is perfect for:
    • Small business owners who want to differentiate their brand from the competition
    • Direct sales professionals


    How to brand and differentiate yourself from your competition and build trust with your customers, potential customers, and employees can be wildly frustrating without the right road map. In this fast-paced session seasoned brand expert, Amber Hurdle, walks you through:

    • The #1 secret to brand clarity
    • How to leverage the connectivity of a business brand, personal brand and employer brand, empowering you to get a head start on marketing and recruiting
    • How to create THE essential statement that will guide not just your marketing, but your leadership for years to come

    Through this engaging presentation attendees will leave with the vision and confidence to craft their brand promise and a plan of action to share their brand story with the world— eliminating confusion, awkward elevator pitches at networking events, shoddy social media posts, ambiguous website copy and more. Freshly equipped with next steps, participants will boldly attract the right customers and employees who are perfectly poised to pay for or promote the product or service they offer.

    Key learning objectives: 

    • How to differentiate your brand from the competition
    • How to consistently communicate your unique selling proposition
    • How to attract customers and employees who are easy and fun to work with
    • How to lead confidently and compassionately so your team always upholds the goals and brand they support

    If you want to leave your next keynote with work already done to implement once you get back in the office, this presentation is for you!



    Format: ​45-60 minute keynote

    This program is perfect for:

    • ​Professional women
    • Women seeking inspiration to elevate their life and careers l
    • Women dealing with adversity

    The audience will leave with:

    • Knowing how to ​relentlessly pursue and achieve any goal in business and in life by using my 3 step process
    • Confidence that their unique personality and gifts have a place in the bigger picture
    • An understanding of the power of a personal brand and how to develop their own

    I’ve performed this program for years for corporate women’s conferences, women’s associations, women’s awards ceremonies and female-dominated industries. When I tell the story of becoming a teen mom, it immediately eliminates any excuses they may have for themselves and opens them to embrace my three-step formula to accomplish anything significant in life.

    Attendees can also follow up on their learnings via the free Bombshell Business Podcast, the free Bombshell Business App available on the App Store or Google Play or by purchasing The Bombshell Business Woman at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million or

    If you want your audience members to laugh, cry and be motivated to make things happen in their own lives, this program is for you!

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  • The Amber Hurdle Keynote Speaker Process

    Raise your hand if you’ve spent more time on your phone than you did listening to the keynote at the last conference you attended.⁠

    UGH. It’s the worst. Zzzzzz.⁠

    You know why that happens? ⁠

    Because if it is not about you, who cares? ⁠

    I know I’m the one on the stage with the mic, but the event is NOT about me. It’s about you. Your problems. Your need for a shot in the arm. Your opportunity to learn something you can take action on when you get back to reality.⁠

    That’s why I (really) get to know my audience in a variety of ways before I ever show up, and I interact with participants during my keynote.⁠

    Let’s have fun AND receive a high level of content, shall we? ⁠

    My business is all about relationship, and that starts LONG before your awesome event in my book (and continues long after)!

    Here’s the winning formula for a full Amber Hurdle keynote experience:

    • Collab call to discuss your event goals, the biggest challenges your audience is experiencing and participant experience so we can customize your keynote.
    • We craft a communication plan, including a promo video (or videos) to build excitement, connection and energy long before your attendees arrive.
    • I deliver a pre-conference webinar on a topic that is urgent and important to your audience and aligned with the event keynote I will deliver to build trust, connection, community, and anticipation for your event.
    • I start interacting with your attendees online so I can both connect with them in meaningful ways and learn about their day to day challenges and industry jargon.

    • I am delighted to attend your event committee dinner, pre-conference reception, or whatever is in place so I can start to get your attendees excited about kicking off your event!
    • I deliver either the opening keynote (my specialty), fully committed to kicking off the energy for the entire conference, or the featured keynote, depending on. your event goals, speaker line up and schedule.
    • If time allows I include audience members by “surfing” the audience or hosting on-stage hot seats, but at the very least I converse with your participants throughout. There is a fine line between “engaging” and “awkward,” and we’ve been told my methods are inclusive, not forced.
    • Some events involve me in a book signing or break out session to deepen the connection with attendees.

    • Post-conference my team meets with your event team to debrief and discuss how to keep the energy and outcomes high long after the event has passed!
    • I continue to interact with your participants and share event excitement via social media.

    I am NOT the speaker who shows up minutes before I take stage and then bolts immediately after I deliver my keynote. Part of the value I bring is that attendees appreciate the connection they feel with me, which not only helps build your community, but also increases their likelihood to take action on the concepts I teach. I am very committed to outcomes and will go above and beyond to ensure your attendees are not just attending a pep rally, rather that they become determined to create meaningful change in their professional and personal lives.

    Are you ready to discuss including my team in your event? 

  • "You SET THE TONE with your keynote! I felt the empowerment all around me, every minute of the way."

    ~@Jeotags Instagram Post

    For online or print. A proper speaker intro and outro is sent as part of the customization process.

    Amber Erickson-Hurdle helps professionals connect the combined value of personal brands, employer brands and business brands to achieve bottom line results. She personally understands what it takes to accelerate success as a former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse business woman, having worked with international celebrities and Fortune 100 companies alike. She was recognized among the “Top 40 Under 40” by the Nashville Business Journal, by the The Nashville Area Chamber’s Nashville Emerging Leader Awards (NELA) as the winner in the Business Services category, and by Global Gurus for being among the top 30 brand professionals 2020-2022, landing in the top 10 in 2022. Amber Hurdle Consulting’s clients have included large brands such as FedEx Ground, Marriott Hotels, and Stella & Dot, as well as small businesses who want to play big, all which lead to its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Amber is the author of The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur and the podcast host of the Bombshell Business Podcast. Whether her content-rich experiences energize leadership to boldly live their organization’s culture and next-level their employee engagement or empowers entrepreneurs to think strategically, Amber’s straight shooting “velvet machete” and warm personality never fail to motivate professionals to up their game in business and in life.

    Download Amber’s Headshot HERE. (Further options are available upon request.)

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    Mailing Address: 12161 Mercado Dr. #212. Venice, FL 34293

    Office: 615-721-2677









    I know you get this with all of your engagements, but holy sh*t, wow! I really don’t have words yet….You are the real deal.

    I’m so grateful to you for putting so much into this. I’ve worked with keynote speakers before , and you went above and beyond to not only deliver an outstanding presentation, but also to help build this community before and after. You worked super hard before the event to make it successful, and you continue to work to ensure it continues. You set the bar!

    Amy Hinote| Founder, VRM Intel


    Amber Hurdle Testimonial Holder

    With Amber, she connects with each individual, even though she is presenting to a whole entire group at the same time.

    Dusty Hall, Loews Hotels