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    I spend a big portion of my time helping large corporations lead their brand experience from the inside-out through solid personal brands, boldly living their company’s culture, and by increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. And I LOVE IT! Some of my older posts are from a season when I felt inspired to simultaneously empower women in business, through my Bombshell Business Woman brand that includes my book, THE BOMBSHELL BUSINESS WOMAN: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur, as well as The Bombshell Business Podcast and The Bombshell Business App. This blog aligned with those resources and shared the wisdom and experience of the Bombshell Business Experts, your dream team to help you on your journey to becoming a bold, brave, female entrepreneur! But don’t worry, gents….there is a lot of great information in the archives if you can look past the lipstick…and moving forward both females and males have a place in this blog!


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