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Bombshell Business Experts

  • Meet the Bombshell Business Experts

    Introducing the Bombshell Experts! These trusted friends and professionals deliver their best advice to you via guest blog posts and quarterly interviews on The Bombshell Business Podcast to help you grow your business. Meet each expert below, listed in alphabetical order, and be sure to reach out to them directly should you find yourself needing their services!

    Mary Barbee

    Mary Barbee

    Custom VA Solutions

    Expert Role: Systems and Project Management, Virtual Assistants

    As the founder of Custom VA Solutions, Mary Barbee specializes in providing online business support and strategy, helping small businesses reach big goals. With over 15 years experience as a business owner in both product and service based businesses, Mary has built, systemized and sold successful companies of her own, but she has found her happy place providing her entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise to online businesses as a virtual assistant, starting in 2013. Since then, Mary has developed and organized a stellar team of experts inside Custom VA Solutions, providing services that start with strategy and include task implementation of all levels. According to Mary, the best part of owning and managing a virtual assistant service is the constant opportunity to learn, do and teach. When one client reaches success, there are always tricks to learn and apply to another business, and taking notes of success has always been one of Mary’s strengths.

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    Rebecca Barnes-Hogg

    Rebecca Barnes-Hogg

    YOLO Insights

    Expert Role: Employee Management, Recruiting, Hiring

    Rebecca Barnes-Hogg is the founder of YOLO Insights®and author of The YOLO Principle, The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. Her path to Bombshell Business Woman started 8 years ago when she broke free from corporate with a dream, a cell phone, and a laptop. Rebecca built YOLO Insights®in response to all the frustrated business owners who were wasting time, money, and their sanity hiring the wrong people. She thrives on the hunt for purple unicorns (ideal employees) and watching her clients become more efficient, effective, and profitable when they hire the right employees.

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    Jaime Gordon

    Jaime Gordon

    Jaime Gordon Life Coaching

    Expert Role: Transformational Coaching/Life Coaching

    Jaime Gordon is a transformational life coach who partners with individuals to clarify their vision, break through barriers and achieve the longings of their hearts in life, relationships and business. In addition to being a wife and mother of three, she truly believes in the power of standing with her clients as they do the work of transformation.

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    Amber Hurdle

    Amber Hurdle Consulting

    Expert Role: Brand Messaging, Brand Leadership/Company Culture, Customer Service

    Amber Hurdle is the author of The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur and host of the Bombshell Business Podcast. She is a teen mom turned powerhouse businesswoman who has worked with international celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and women in business worldwide. Whether she is empowering female entrepreneurs, teaching them out-of-the-box business strategies, or energizing and educating leadership within an organization, Amber’s straight-shooting “velvet machete” and warm personality never fail to motivate others to strategically up their game in business and in life.

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    Alex Hubenthal


    Expert Role: Financial Acumen

    Alex Hubenthal is the owner of Bookscaping. His mission is to educate 100,000 small business owners in small business finance so they can not only thrive in their businesses, but in their personal lives, as well. Alex has helped his clients grow their revenue, found ways to help them reduce their tax obligations, and has coached them on finding ways to standardize their business to add more to the bottom line.

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    Abby Hyman

    Amber Hurdle Consulting

    Expert Role: Social Media

    Abby Hyman is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Amber Hurdle Consulting. She is an expert in strategically coordinating multiple social media profiles for personal brand clients, consistently showcasing each client while maintaining a unique voice and staying on brand. With a background in nonprofit leadership and public relations, she uses her expertise for good, providing branding and organizational health support to community organizations. Abby’s passion to see women, people of color, and other marginalized groups succeed drives her compassionate and goal-focused approach to social media strategizing that brings awareness and increases sales.

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    Mike Kawula and Sheena White

    Entrepreneurs GSD

    Expert Role: Online Marketing

    Mike Kawula and Sheena White are the host of the Entrepreneurs GSD Podcast and Founders of the Entrepreneurs GSD Coaching program, that shows entrepreneurs how to truly GSD using online marketing strategies. Sheena’s background is as a professional copywriter and social media strategist, while Michael is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in various online and offline businesses.

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    Kirbee Miller

    Kinimi Kitchen

    Expert Role: Lifestyle

    Kirbee Miller’s heart is in the kitchen. Cooking and baking have been monumental parts of her life since childhood. Her best memories are in the kitchen! Great food is an opportunity to authentically connect. Developing new recipes and orchestrating flavor profiles with delicious ingredients is her way to channel passion and creativity into every bite. Food should be flavorful, creative, beautiful and most importantly, should leave an impact! There are few things better than the seconds of contemplative silence that follow the first bite of delicious food …that never gets old. She’s been cooking since she was 5, and has not stopped since. She launched an online cooking show to share her inner foodie via my brand KiNiMi Kitchen!

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    Emily Murnen

    Wild Elm Events

    Expert Role: Event Production

    Emily Murnen is the founder of Branch Out Experiences – curated events that bring together established women entrepreneurs for community, growth, and adventure. She is also the founder of Wild Elm Events, an event planning company helping entrepreneurs create high-quality events. She has over 12 years experience in planning events from 10-1,000 people, and her passion is to help foster deeper connections and community through live events.

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    Jessica McIntosh

    Jessica McIntosh Photography

    Expert Role: Visual Branding

    Jessica McIntosh is an expert in women’s portraiture and branding photography. With a focus on vivid storytelling and unmatched authenticity, she specializes in curating a visual representation of clients’ life and brand through photography. She does’nt want to give you or your company a makeover, she wants to prove you don’t need one by bringing to life the story you’re already telling.

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    Keith Troup

    Be AppSolute

    Expert Role: Mobile Marketing

    Keith Troup is a creative mobile marketer. He develops and creates mobile marketing  and branding app solutions for businesses, venues, events and organizations.   He leverages everyday life experiences and his business knowledge to help business owners connect, engage, and build relationships with existing clients and new prospects, and to establish loyal brand fans utilizing mobile marketing media solutions. Mobile is everywhere your business should be, too!

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    Haley Walden

    Haley Walden Copywriting, Editor & Author

    Expert Role: Copywriting, Editing

    Haley Walden is a copywriter, editor, and author who helps businesses and authors effectively articulate their established brand stories. She had a knack for emulating voice, a keen eye for detail, and will stop at nothing to give her clients the cleanest, most concise final draft possible.

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    Dog at Desk


    Amber Hurdle Consulting

    Expert Role: Bombshell Mascot, Chief Cuteness Officer, Destroyer of Workaholic Behavior

    Gibbs Hurdle is Amber’s F1 Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Miniature Poodle mix, also known as a Cavoodle in other parts of the world). He ensures he makes plenty of noise while his mommy tries to record podcast episodes, halts all work for a rousing game of tug-of-war or fetch, likes to make special appearances on video call meetings, requires regular updates to his “Nashville Gibbs” Instagram account and basically ensures that Amber remains in recovery for her workaholism. With his sweet spirit, snuggly nature and photogenic features, Gibbs has firmly secured his place in the Bombshell Squad as the official mascot!

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