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    I’m Amber Hurdle, Brand Strategist  and Leadership Consultant, author of The Bombshell Business Womanand host of the Bombshell Business Podcast. I help highly-driven companies create and sustain unforgettable, premium brand experiences for their customers.

    I use my accelerated experience as a teen mom-turned-organizational miracle worker to help companies position themselves for rapid growth. I help my clients define, refine, and exude their premium brands so they can meet their clients’ high, seasoned expectations.

    My wide variety of experiences across many entrepreneurial, corporate, and institutional cultures have provided me with multiple viewpoints to expertly approach brand clarity, brand messaging, rebranding, and brand leadership. I know what works and what doesn’t, and I can help your business steal the show.




    I’m obsessed with brand messaging and strategy because I believe we are each equipped with powerful, unique gifts that we can use to serve other people.

    A BRAND is created when talented people bring their gifts together to work toward a common goal, all while upholding the company culture–or the brand’s “family rules,” if you will. A business creates a platform for opportunity, but a brand moves the business forward and creates an experience people want to be a part of.

    A brand is what people believe about your business.

    And I want to help shape what people believe about you.

    If you’re a hard-driving company that needs a straight-shooting, solution-oriented brand advocate, I’m your girl.

  • "I've worked with Amber for a number of years now & feel confident telling you she's the real deal. You should absolutely use her to help you dig deeper, figure out *exactly* what you bring to the table, then learn how to present that to the world in your own unique way."

    -Coach Brandi, Fitness Center Owner

    Imagine being featured on the local news station at age 16 as a strong high school leader…then finding out a few weeks later that you’re pregnant. Hi, that was me. And while that season was a struggle (at one time, I was working four jobs, forgoing sleep, to support my daughter), it actually fast-tracked my professional success because I refused to let the bad choices I made restrict me from what I was capable of. I overcame the odds and began building a successful career to make up lost ground after starting out behind the eight-ball.

    I became a bonafide problem solver. A fixer.

    The challenges didn’t stop there, though. While everyone thought I was super-smart and had my life together, I felt like a fraud; I was living with the dirty little secret of a chaotic mind. In my early twenties, I was paper-certified ADD. That diagnosis could have halted my forward momentum. Instead, I invested in some help to learn how to harness my ADD as a creative, big-picture-thinking superpower, rather than a “disorder.”

    Learning how to work with who I really am, rather than fighting against it, helped me continue advancing toward my goals. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and Advertising, with minors in Marketing and Organizational Communications, and eventually became ACC Certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

    That’s why I approach every brand with a simple, judgement-free awareness. There is no blame to place. There is no expectation of what “should be.” I simply discover where “here” is, then build a plan to work with a business’s natural strengths while building in bumpers to flow with its weaknesses.

    And I’m known as a decisive planner who leads her clients to embrace discipline and lean into the challenges that otherwise might derail their success, too.

    Because adversity is opportunity.

    I’m now a blessed wife, mama, Gigi, sister, daughter, and friend with a thriving business in Nashville, TN, an amazing husband, and a loving family. I’m proud to have worked with companies from Fortune 100 powerhouses to small businesses, celebrities, record labels, corporate leadership teams, individual professionals, and even non-profits. Where I truly thrive, though, is with premium brands of any size.

    I next-leveled beyond my past mistakes and obstacles to create an abundant future. If you’re facing confusion or frustration in your business, so can you.

    I’ll be your guide.

  • “Seriously--Amber is one of the most genuine, warm, caring entrepreneurs I've had the pleasure of knowing. What I adore about her is her ability to give it to you straight--whilst leaving you feeling empowered and invigorated. A business bombshell that walks the talk--the world needs more Ambers.”

    - Cerries Moonies, Brand Identity Designer and Mentor

    I want to help you and your team figure out how to turn your obstacles into superpowers, and to use each of your gifts at maximum capacity.

    My out-of-the box approach to brand strategy (and oh, how I lurv strategy!) establishes YOU as the standard…because you are. We’re all made differently, and our brand identities reflect that.

    As a premium brand, your messaging is the foundation of everything else in your business. It’s what makes people–customers or team members–say, “Yes, I belong here.”

    You and your team need to be empowered to stand boldly in how you serve others; to do that, you must completely understand who you are, how you’re received, and what tools and resources you need to connect your identity to the impression you leave.

    Your business might solve the same problems as other businesses like you, but if you zero in on who you best serve and how you serve them uniquely, you can essentially eliminate competition. With a clear brand experience, you can run a business that retains loyal customers, easily attracts new customers through targeted marketing, and creates amazing word-of-mouth referrals. A clear brand experience also means less time and money spent on wasteful spitball marketing efforts, dissatisfied customers, turnover on your team, and living in overwhelm.

    Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business, I can help you create an effective brand experience that moves you, your team, your vendors, and your customers all in the same direction while creating a snowball of ongoing success, attracting the right people and opportunities along the way.

    Most importantly, I’ll help you

    Just. Do. You.


    Are you frustrated that your brand messaging is not resonating with your prospects?

    Perhaps you are ready for your managers to truly lead your brand from the inside out.

    Maybe you know it’s time to rebrand to next-level your profile or customer base.

    Or maybe you just need a straight-talker to keep everyone on the same page through focused, strategic planning.

    I want to help.

    Lets have a no-pressure conversation about “where here is” for you…

    …and where you ultimately want to take your brand.



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