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Download the FREE Bombshell Business App by Amber Hurdle (Bonus Episode)

September 18, 2018

The Bombshell Business App by Amber Hurdle, the premier app for women in business, is live and ready for you to download for free on the App Store, on Google Play or via the web app. I would cherish a rating and review so it can be seen and downloaded by as many aspiring Bombshells as possible!

Get access to the Bombshell Business Podcast + show notes and links all at your finger tips, as well as blog posts, educational videos, free worksheets, and more! Chat with the #bbexperts to get your questions answered and find everything you need to be a bold, brave, female entrepreneur or leader even when you’re on the go!


How Do You Download the Bombshell Business App?

Simply follow one of these links to download the version that is right for your operating system:

App Store/iPhone or iPad:

Google Play/Android:

Web App:

Or use this QR code for the easy button…err…the easy code!

Why Did I Create the Bombshell Business App?

Through listener surveys and one-to-one conversation with listeners I discovered that Bombshells listen to me on their phones, on the go, and rarely found the time to visit my website to leverage links or downloads in the show notes. So I knew I needed to make everything conveniently located on your phone, just a tap or two away from the episode you were already listening to.

So the purpose of this app is to provide a convenient way for women in business to learn and connect on the go, and to strengthen the Bombshell community. 

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without Bombshell Business Expert Keith Troup, our resident mobile marketing guru!

What are the Features of the Bombshell Business App?

*The Bombshell Business Podcast with show notes featuring all of the links and mentioned resources from each episode

*The blog, full of posts by me and the #BBexperts, who give specific advice in their areas of expertise

*Our YouTube channel, which we are ramping up in the coming months

*A chat wall so you can post questions for the #BBexperts (and me) *and* to connect with each other

*Worksheets and free downloads (that you don’t have to enter your email to get every time-wuh?!)

*An events calendar featuring in-person and virtual events

*All of my social media channels

*Online courses (we’ll still use Teachable, but you can access it from the app)

*Private groups

*A news ticker so you always know what is most important in the Bombshell World

*Push notifications: For example, if Twitter has a massive password breach again, I can push out a message to you to change your password ASAP!

*A tab just for the Bombshell Business Experts so you can learn about what they do and reach out if they can be of service to you!

How Can I Spread the Word?

Post photos of you using the app on your social media, share one of the YouTube promo videos in this blog post or simply hit the “share it” button in the app to share the links to download it. Of course, if you have a blog, podcast or video show you’d like to talk about the app process, I’d be delighted to be your guest.

Of course, just like The Bombshell Business Podcast, leaving a rating and review helps with the search results, as well as gives confidence to those who are considering downloading it. Women helping women begins with simple acts like ratings and reviews!

I’d love to know what you think! Shoot me an email! (You can do that through the app!)

Thank you for all you do to cultivate and grow the Bombshell Business community! xo


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