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Why Less is More in Copywriting

September 17, 2018

When it comes to copywriting, less is always more. As entrepreneurs, it’s our job to rock our businesses from top to bottom–and for many of us, we’re doing that solo. Most of us wear All The Hats at the same time. We’re bosses, employees, social media managers, techies, copywriters, and more.

When we write our own copy, it’s best to get each message down to the nitty-gritty before we hit publish. Why? Simply put, it saves us hours of valuable time and enables us to consistently deliver quality content to our audiences.

But there’s more to minimalistic copywriting than saving time in our own schedules. Concise copy benefits your followers, your current clients, and your potential clients, too. Here’s how.

1. It’s scannable

Your prospective clients and customers don’t have time to sift through loads of copy. They want a message that’s easy to digest. It should make their decisions simple and their next steps clear.

Scannable copy is snappy, straightforward, and uncomplicated. It communicates an impactful message summed up in as few words as possible. And it utilizes carefully-chosen power words that strengthen your message through implication.

(Sometimes, you’ll need a higher word count to get your message across, and that’s okay. Some brands require more education up front. Long About pages and blog posts are effective under the right circumstances. The point is to be able to discern and share the most impactful information possible.

2. It’s actionable

Your readers want to be able to take your advice and put it into action immediately. And your prospective clients and customers want to know how to easily:

  •     Purchase your products
  •     Engage your services
  •     Book your for events

And if they’re entrepreneurs like you are, they aren’t going to dig for anything. They expect your copy to give them their next steps, then guide them along the way. If you hem and haw in your writing, they’ll lose interest quickly and move on to someone else.

3. It’s memorable

When you play your cards right, minimalist copy is memorable. Committing to using fewer words means you have to make those words count. Memorable copy drills to the core of your brand identity and distills it for your audience.

On the quest for less, you’ll be forced to get creative with your messaging. You’ll need to ask yourself, over and over, questions like:

  •     What’s the critical takeaway from this piece of copy?
  •     Does this information provide immediate value?
  •     Does it get to the core of who you are?
  •     Is it designed with your ideal customer in mind?
  •     Does it give them actionable next steps?

Who are you, really?

It takes practice to trim the fat in our writing. Concise copywriting requires us to stay on our toes. We absolutely must know ourselves, our brands, and our ideal customers, inside and out.

Before you write, reconnect with yourself and your brand. The right mindset will help you create copy that resonates with your audience and gets results.


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Haley Walden Copywriting/Editor & Author

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Haley Walden is a copywriter, editor, and author who helps businesses and authors effectively articulate their established brand stories. She had a knack for emulating voice, a keen eye for detail, and will stop at nothing to give her clients the cleanest, most concise final draft possible.

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