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Up Your Leadership Game with EQ with Kathleen Riessen (136)

September 01, 2022

High Emotional intelligence (EQ)  is directly related to your ability to lead and connect with others. In this episode my friend and colleague, Kathleen Riessen, shows us how EQ can actually help us with our strategic planning, a critical component of a successful business. 

People with higher EQs sell more, earn more and lead more joyful lives. Together we cover the three key principles of EQ: vision, a focus on intention over mechanism and accountability. 

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About Kathleen Riessen

Kathleen Riessen is a sought-after business advisor focused on teaching emotional intelligence to small and mid-sized service-based businesses. Using her background as a former Certified Public Accountant, owner of seven service-based businesses and master trainer in emotional intelligence, Kathleen created the 10 principles to building an emotionally intelligent company. Now she teaches them to executives and their teams all over the world.


Connect with Kathleen Riessen

Website: kathleenriessen.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathleen-riessen-6b25773/

Email: kathleen@kathleenriessen.com

Kathleen’s Podcast: https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/author/kathleenriessen/

*Also on itunes, spotify and all major podcast carriers


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