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Money Mindset Madness with Chana Mason (119)

March 31, 2022

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast, host Amber Hurdle interviews Chana Mason about how entrepreneurs can reshape their money mindset. Together they discuss:

  • Why Chana is compelled to help others overcome their false money stories 
  • How to gain mastery over your thinking 
  • Specific steps to take to transform your relationship with money
  • Awesome analogies and stories to keep your mind focused on abundance!


Links and Mentioned Resources

The Cash Machine Challenge: https://amberhurdle– (affiliate)

The Cash Machine Free Ebook

About Chana Mason

A gang of armed men broke into Chana’s childhood home in Bogota, Colombia, and held her family hostage. Her family miraculously fled to Miami , but 5-years-old Chana’s sense of safety was decimated. 

Two decades later, Chana still dealt with PTSD, anxiety, and depression. To heal herself, she dove into a journey  to rediscover her peace and joy. She’s learned from the world’s top experts on the human mind and uses her gift for turning complex ideas into easy-to-access tools for transformation. Through her straight talk, open heart, and addictive joy, Chana helps thousands clarify their vision, shift beliefs getting in their way, and manifest their dreams. Chana lives with her family in the funky Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem and works with individuals and communities around the world.

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