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Growing Your Brand with a “Wow” Factor with Robin Craigen of Moving Mountains (147)

October 21, 2022

Robin Craigen, CEO of Moving Mountains, is the perfect example of my branding philosophy that breaks brand success into three parts: personal brands, employer brands and business brands. 

You see, when leaders leverage their personal brands to uphold their company’s employer brand through communication, engagement and infusing the company’s culture into every aspect of operations, customers then enjoy a strengthened business brand experience, true to the heart and soul of the organization. It takes all three pieces working together for a company to find longstanding success.

A true leader in his industry and community, Robin figured this out along the way, and now enjoys all of the benefits that come with an intentional focus in these key areas.

Robin and his super star wife, Heather, have the best backstory that led them to where they are today: the leading luxury vacation rental management company in Colorado. (Just Google them and plenty of articles will say this for them.) I’m happy to rock the mic with him as he imparts his hard-earned wisdom while sharing it on the show.

Their focus is on creating a “wow factor” for their guest experience, but they get there by investing in their team.

Like many of us, Robin admits he probably learned the most about business the hard way, but this family business has always failed forward allowing them to enjoy consistently high net promoter scores and a direct booking rate of 70-80%.

While this is the Vacation Rental Takeover Week of the Bombshell Business Podcast, truly anyone can learn from the “WOW” factor that is Moving Mountains!


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