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Personal Growth as the Path to Personal Power with Annie Holcombe (148)

October 22, 2022

Most people would describe Annie Holcombe as experienced, supportive and about as genuine as they come. This unassuming rock star came into my world, and let’s just say neither of us let the other go! We, along with her podcasting partner in Crime, Alex Husner, became fast friends, all fully committed to being women who support other women, while still cheering on the guys, too, of course!

That’s why it’s been incredibly overwhelming for me to have a front row seat to her personal journey throughout the past year, watching how as her personal growth evolved, so did her personal power. 

Since launching the Alex & Annie Podcast, Annie increasingly dismissed where her comfort zone even was, which skyrotted her as a vacation rental authority and the podcast was featured as a Top 30 Hospitality Podcasts by the Global Hospitality Institute having been on air for less than a year!!!

Join us as we have a transparent conversation about what it takes to go inward in order to shine your brightest outwardly. The week we recorded this, there were just so many wins for these two that my eyes might have leaked more than once. I think you will see what I saw in this Bombshell since the day I met her!


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