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Yes, You Can Innovate with Natalie Turner

August 03, 2023

My guest this week is a total Bombshell Businesswoman with an exceptional perspective on innovation. Natalie Turner is the author of the award winning book, Yes, You Can Innovate and today she sits down with me to discuss her unique ideas and how to implement them throughout your business, no matter how big or small it may be.

Some of the key points we discuss: 

  • The 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation
    • Identify – possibility, new opportunity
    • Ignite – creativity, ideas
    • Investigate – testing, prototyping, research
    • Invest – time & attention, money and resources
    • Implement –  the hard work
    • Improve – review and refresh
  • Larger corporations need to dig deep in the Identify stage as they are often stuck in Invest, Implement & Improve
  • We ALL play a role in innovation
  • The importance of empowering team leaders to enable their own teams to be innovative 
  • Assessing the alignment of your purpose and your work

Interested in learning about the importance of innovation and how YOU innovate? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

About Natalie Turner

Natalie is the Co-Founder of The Entheo Network, the owner of The Six ‘I’s® brand, and inventor of The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation. She is the author of the Award Winning book, Yes, You Can Innovate, selected as Business Book of the month in the UK and Singapore. As an international Keynote speaker, she has inspired audiences on the human side of innovation – the mindsets and skills we need to harness diversity – and has spoken on leadership, change, and PURPOSE at some of the top speaking engagements in the world, including TEDx Singapore, Singapore Women’s Congress, Harvard University’s HPAIR, BLINK live (Mediacom), Innov8rs Bangkok, ISPIM – The International Society for Professional Innovation Management – and numerous corporate and governmental organizations.


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