Travel is changing - are you keeping up with your guest's needs with Madison Rifkin - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

Travel is changing - are you keeping up with your guest's needs with Madison Rifkin

August 17, 2023

This week’s podcast features serial entrepreneur, Mount founder and CEO, Madison Rifkin. Madi’s unique story, starting with her first invention at the age of 12, is quite remarkable. Today she shares with us exactly what led her to that early invention, how she transformed that idea into a full blown experience-booking platform and the lessons she learned thus far as a female CEO and founder.

Madi shares her journey of: 

  • How being a forgetful pre-teen led her to having her own patent at just 15 years old!
  • Attending Northwestern University and developing her bike lock idea into a full-blown company
  • COVID’s impact on her bike lock business and the pivot to an experience-based business
  • The value of high touch experiences over networking en masse
  • The importance of being fully authentic and confident in yourself

Want to learn more about Madi’s amazing journey? I promise you will be inspired to act upon your ideas after this one! Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

Want to get to know Madi in person? Are you a STR operator attending VRMA International? If so, don’t forget Madi and her team are hosting The Mount Cup October 22nd – a day of golfing, networking and competition to support STR advocacy.


About Madison Rifkin

Madi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mount. She’s been recognized as the Short Term Rental industry’s Rising Star two years in a row and is on a mission to change the way we travel.

Connect with Madison

LinkedIn Personal:

LinkedIn Business:

TikTok: @RentMount


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