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Why Brand Values Should be Ingrained in Everything Your Business Does with David O'Hearns

September 14, 2023

I always love when I get to talk branding with other experts and discuss their unique perspective on the topic. Today’s guest did not disappoint. Davis O’Hearns, founder of Dawn Creative, joins me to discuss brand values and how they should be ingrained in everything your business does, down to the questions your receptionist asks when greeting clients. David takes us through the client journey and how to easily implement processes that reinforce your values along the way. Remember, consistency is key!

David’s take on branding includes: 

  • Your logo, colors and typography are just your visual identity – not your brand
  • To fully develop your brand you need a purpose, values, direction, vision, behaviors and to keep a promise
  • How to build small, easy processes into every step of the client journey to reinforce your brand values
  • How to reverse engineer your values by first identifying what you hate
  • The importance of carrying values through both digital and physical interactions
  • Why your purpose should be written with “blue sky thinking”
  • Document what you stand for and then take action!

Ready to learn more about strengthening and embodying your brand values? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!


About David O’Hearns

David O’Hearns has worked within the creative industry for 25 years. Starting as a graphic designer following his graduation from Newcastle University, Dave went on to start up his first creative agency in 2006. Following multiple successes with the likes of Bentley Motors, Adidas and Swiis Foster Care, he founded his second agency, Dawn Creative, in 2014.

Connect with David

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/9291398/

Twitter: twitter.com/wearedawn

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dawn_creative_agency/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDC1llUTAGLhzUZgeGBJ7Ow

Website: www.dawncreative.co.uk

Webinars: www.eventbrite.co.uk/cc/branding-done-776169

Email: wakeup@dawncreative.co.uk

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