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Creating a Website That Speaks to Your Ideal Customer with Jodi Bourne

September 28, 2023

My guest today is a fellow teen mom turned Business Bombshell focused on business consulting, marketing and website design. Welcome Jodi Bourne! Jodi shares with us the power of a customer-centric website design, how to engage and lead your audience, and the extreme importance of its imagery.

Jodi and I deep dive on website design and discuss:

  • The unexpected gifts of being a teen mom
  • If you are selling something, your website should engage people to take a step. Users need to know what to do next – even if that just means to learn more.
  • The look & feel of your website is incredibly important (emphasize your brand!)
  • Be aware of being too generic.If you are not being specific to SOMEbody, you are not being specific to ANYbody.
  • The importance of colors and fonts – this may not mean what you think
  • Never hold back from being YOU!

Ready to learn more about fine tuning your website with a customer-centric design, allowing you to attract your ideal customer? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

About Jodi Bourne

Jodi Bourne is a Business Consultant, Marketing Strategist, and Website Designer focusing on luxury homes, glamping, and niche vacation rental experiences. With a rich background in business management, customer service, brand messaging and marketing spanning diverse industries, Jodi guides savvy hosts in growing professional, guest-first vacation rental businesses. Her passion for tourism and hospitality drives her to help hosts achieve long-term success. guests to enjoy unique and memorable experiences and communities to thrive.


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