The Epic Lessons I Learned as a Teen Mom, Part 1

07: The Epic Lessons I Learned as a Teen Mom, Part 1

September 13, 2016

In this week’s episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast I let you peer into my discovery that I was a teen mom and into my traumatic birthing experience.


My business is focused in two areas: empowerment and business mastery. We have spent a lot of time in the tactical “business mastery” side of things since I launched my podcast, but in this episode I dig into the beginning of my own story of falling from grace and digging myself out of the hole I created for myself.

From being featured on the local news channel for being a strong, high school leader in the Middle Tennessee area to finding out I was sixteen and pregnant within weeks of each other, I can earnestly speak to how to recover from past mistakes to find an abundant future.

Mental blocks are powerful, and can hold you back in business through limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, interpersonal hangups and deeply embedded insecurities.

That’s why I’m committing two episodes to telling this story. It takes the first episode to simply let you know JUST HOW BAD it really was. And then in next week’s episode I will tell you how my experience as a teen mom actually fast tracked my success professionally.

You see, I refused to let bad choices for a season restrict me from what I was capable of. And I want you to believe the same for your life, your business and anything you desire for your future.

So this week, hear for yourself how intense my situation was so you can understand how much hope you can have in your own situation–whatever that may be.

While there is no worksheet this week, after listening to the episode, your challenge is to write down one past negative experience that is still holding you back from your best future. Then, I want you to write down five positive outcomes that you’ve realized because you had to move through that negative season.

Then, I want you to tune in next week for the rest of the story so you can see how many beautiful lessons came out of the most challenging season of my life.

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