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Self Awareness, Culture and Systems for the Win with Ryan Luke, Short Term Rental Titan (144)

October 18, 2022

Our guest today, Ryan Luke, CEO of Luke Capital Group, exploded onto the Short Term Rental scene and acquired a controlling portfolio of over $80m in under three years. He believes his previous jobs and failing businesses helped change his mindset and actions which have led to this result. He also firmly believes the product or service doesn’t matter, that business is business, and there are some core principles that great success rests on. 

Tune in to find out what he focused on to find this level of success in this episode!


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The Vacation Rental Industry Take Over Week

We are showcasing some of my friends and a couple new friends between The Book Direct Show and the VRMA International Conference, so Bombshells can learn from some of the most innovative, flexible and authentic business people out there!

From mindset to business modeling, culture, employer branding, marketing, leadership, personal growth, work-life balance, systems and beyond, anyone in any industry can benefit from these daily drops!

We hope you enjoy these episodes as much as we enjoyed creating them! 

Here’s the lineup:

🏠 Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats (143)

🏠 RYAN LUKE, Luke Capital Group (144)

🏠 Natalie Palmer, Host With Natalie (145)

🏠 Steve Trover, Adam Tully, Stephanie Rounds & Corrie Baguio, Better Talent (146)

🏠 Robin Craigen, Moving Mountains (147)

🏠 Annie Holcombe🎙, Alex & Annie Podcast & Lexicon Travel Technologies (148)

🏠 Alex O. Husner 🌎, Alex & Annie Podcast & Casago (149)

🏠 Lauren Madewell, Auntie Belham’s Cabins of Gatlinburg (150)

🏠 Tyann Marcink Hammond, Touch Stay  (151)

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