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Leverage Your Strengths as a Minority Woman Executive with Martha Aviles

January 19, 2023

In today’s episode high-tech marketer Martha Aviles shares her story to give other women, especially minorities, the encouragement to continue pushing forward in their careers – even when it seems impossibly hard. 

Our discussion dives deeper into:

  • How to acknowledge your own self-worth as an employee and negotiate pay raises. She explains how she once asked her supervisor for a 30% pay raise – and got it.
  • How to “operate scared” and to speak up and present your worth through facts and accomplishments.
  • How she broke the glass ceiling as a Latina in technology to become a top executive in the hot Austin tech scene.
  • How to be bold and not look back. Martha had to leave her dream job after being forced to lay off 70% of her staff due to the oil and gas industry tanking.
  • What opportunities are available for women – especially minority women – in technology, and why she thinks more women don’t take advantage of them.

To learn more about the value of empathy and self-worth, and how to be fierce yet professional, tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!


About Martha Aviles

Martha Aviles is VP of Marketing at Austin-based Talroo, the data-driven job and hiring event advertising platform that helps businesses reach the candidates they need to build their essential workforce. With 20 years of high-tech marketing experience in SaaS, semiconductor, networking, and network security at start-ups, private, and public companies, she is a fierce marketing leader. Martha has a gift for building and growing high-performance marketing teams, corporate brands, and inspiring thought leadership. Her extensive experience includes lead generation, integrated marketing, product marketing, digital marketing, public relations, brand management, analyst relations, and crisis communications. In addition, she has successfully led through 20+ mergers and acquisitions, including managing several integration and acquisition exits. Prior to joining Talroo, Martha held senior leadership roles in marketing at RigUp (now Workrise) and Enverus, both of which have reached Unicorn status in Austin. Martha is an MBA graduate from the University of Texas and holds a BBA from Texas A&M University.


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