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Create Abundance with A Spending Plan with Mikelann Valterra

January 26, 2023

In today’s episode money coach Mikelann Valterra shares her tools and processes to help you take control of your finances, become financially clear and focused, and thrive. 

Together we explore the following concepts:

  • Why is a personalized spending plan the ultimate tool to creating a life you love?
  • What is your money autobiography?
  • What are the three main types of money personalities?
  • What is “money fog” and why does it cause so much financial anxiety?
  • How does high earning trap people (golden handcuffs) in the “money life drain” and what is the way out?
  • What does “financial elegant simplicity” mean and how does it supercharge your money life?
  • Why is having an engaging hobby or passion—like Tango—a key to enjoying your life, and how do you find the financial resources for it?

To learn more about the emotional and psychological effects money has on all of us, tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!


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Free E-book: 7 Step process “How to stop stressing about money & create a life you love


About Mikelann Valterra

Mikelann is an author, keynote speaker and money coach who helps women transform their relationship with money to create a life they love. For over 20 years, she has been a thought leader in the field of Financial Psychology. Her strong background in emotional intelligence, paired with her practical money strategies enable her clients to consciously design their life, while escaping financial stress and anxiety. When she’s not working with clients, you can find Mikelann on the dance floor, indulging her love of Argentine Tango.

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