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How to Motivate Your Audience to Take Action

February 03, 2019

How many times have you crafted some lovely content that resulted in absolutely no engagement from your audience? I get it. It happens…and it’s frustrating! You put in the effort to create the content, and you’d like some action.

I also must ask, in your lovely content, did you ask your audience to do anything? You can’t just assume action will be taken because you want it to. You have to be clear about what your offering and how to get it. If you don’t tell your audience what they’re missing out on and how it can be theirs, how in the world will they know? Exactly.

So, let’s get your audience to take action.

First: What do you want them to do?

It is a simple question with big results. You first must clarify what your goal is. Do you want your audience to join your mailing list? To make a purchase? To listen to your podcast? Attend your event? Say it. Make the ask. And do it clearly.

Next: Use the right words. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Be compelling. Use vivid storytelling and descriptive words in your offer. Be enticing. Pull at your readers’ heart-strings if it fits your ask. Paint a picture that is impossible to look away from without getting a piece of it for your own.
  • Use time sensitive words. Put a clear time limit on your offer.
    • Limited Time Offer
    • Flash Sale
    • Time is running out!
    • Two days only!
    • Ends today!
  • Communicate that your offer is what they need. Ultimately, action comes down to the What’s-In-It-For-Me factor. With your messaging, make it clear that your offer improves the lives of your audience. Do you provide unique content for a niche audience? Do you create communities online and in person? Can you help them achieve their dreams? Yes. Yes. Yes. Don’t be afraid to talk about how fabulous your offer is.
  • Reviews, testimonies, and results. There is no better way to prove what your putting down is worth picking up than through the stories of your previous customers or clients. Ask them to openly share their experience working with you. There are a variety of ways to do this. Think reviews on Amazon, Google, Facebook, or any other site specific to your work; testimonials on your website or social media using photo or video; and general word of mouth sharing to your targeted audience.

Finally: Make it easy to act.

There is nothing that will stop action in its place than a broken link, a malfunctioning website, or too many hoops to jump through. Life moves fast. If your offer is fabulous but it takes too long to access, expect your audience to peace out. Make things easy-peasy with as few steps as possible to get to the offer. Consider for yourself when you typically would stop taking action. Consider are how many times you have to enter your personal information to receive the offer; if you can easily access the offer from a smartphone; and if you have to follow a confirmation link from email to get the full offer.

2019 is the year of action, for you and your audience! Do you have any great tips for getting your audience to take action? Tell me in the Bombshell Business app!

About the Author

Abby Hyman

Amber Hurdle Consulting

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Abby Hyman is the Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Amber Hurdle Consulting. She is an expert in strategically coordinating multiple social media profiles for personal brand clients, consistently showcasing each client while maintaining a unique voice and staying on brand. With a background in nonprofit leadership and public relations, she uses her expertise for good, providing branding and organizational health support to community organizations. Abby’s passion to see women, people of color, and other marginalized groups succeed drives her compassionate and goal-focused approach to social media strategizing that brings awareness and increases sales.

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