How Absolutely Anyone Can Become Influential | The Velvet Machete Leadership Rebrand Reveal Episode #89 - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

How Absolutely Anyone Can Become Influential | The Velvet Machete Leadership Rebrand Reveal Episode #89

February 12, 2021

Learn my proprietary method I use to help absolutely any leader who is willing to become more influential and hear all about the rebranding of the podcast that is kicked off in this week’s episode!

So, importantly, who is the Velvet Machete® Podcast for?


*Who want to develop a compelling personal brand

*Who want to spend less time recruiting and more energy motivating top talent through a compelling employer brand

*Who want to differentiate their brand from the competition

*Who have a personal brand under a shared brand such as real estate or direct marketing leaders

*Are job seekers searching who want stand out in a crowded job market

*And ultimately, leaders who want to become more confident, compassionate, and influential.

What is Velvet Machete®?

Velvet Machete began as a nickname a client gave me long ago because he said I ruthlessly told him the truth, but did it from a place of support, he kept coming back for more…because it served him well. 

That evolved into infusing Velvet Machete into my leadership and communication styles, and ultimately my branding philosophy, 

As a career branding professional, who was the internal publicist of sorts for senior leaders in the organizations in which I worked, I discovered the most effective way to influence others is to be direct, while sensitive to how they desire to receive the message. This eventually became the baseline for my coaching style and what I’m known for globally.

Let me break it down: The Machete cuts to the chase. It communicates in a direct way, capturing attention. But the Velvet wraps your message and your influence in a way that is appealing to your unique audience. 

I want to teach you how to weild your Velvet Machete so you can step up your leadership and be trusted to lead your team, your peers and even flawlessly manage up in your organization or the business that you own, especially in these uncertain times.

What is My Velvet Machete® Brand Strategy?

My overall Velvet Machet Brand Strategy breaks brand success into three parts: personal brands, employer brands and business brands.

You see, when leaders leverage their personal brands to uphold their company’s employer brand through communication, engagement and infusing the company’s culture into every aspect of operations, customers then enjoy a strengthened brand experience, true to the heart and soul of the organization. It takes all three pieces working together for a company to find longstanding success.

What is a Velvet Machete® Leader?

Velvet Machete Leaders are confident, compassionate, and therefore influential. They have a balance fo the velvet and the machete, and they are critical in sustaining healthy organizations. 

With Velvet Machete® Leadership you will gain the confidence that comes with understanding your personal brand and its impact on engagement, cooperation, and the bottom line. 

What are the Velvet Machete® Leadership Journey Pillars?

The 5 pillars of the Velvet Machete Leadership journey are:

1-Build Your Personal Brand: In this step you confidently define and position your value, internally to grow within your company or externally to grow your market share.

2- Build Supportive Environments: This is where you create systems and structures that uniquely support your efforts. If you have been in my world for any time, this is the step where we identify what needs to be bubble wrapped.

3-Master Your Communication: This is the step that connects the “me” to the “we.” The first two steps are all about you. But communication connects you to others. So on this stop of the journey you speak with authority while listening with intent to drive results.

Once you  master your communication you can move on to step 4:

4- Master Your Engagement- You will see and harvest the greatness in others while rallying support. And finally: 

5- Build Your Influence: Guide and focus people and processes towards success.

Want to know the fun thing? You are always on the journey. You never arrive. Yes, you may become masterful in one area over another, but we are always learning, always becoming, always dipping in and out of each stop on the journey to strengthen ourselves as leaders.

What will we cover on the Velvet Machete® Podcast moving forward?

As a listener of the Velvet Machete® Leadership podcast you will gain the confidence that comes with understanding your personal brand and its impact on engagement, cooperation and the bottom line. 

We will cover the five pillars with our expert guests, and we will expand on them to address branding, marketing, and sales principles, both internally from a team perspective and externally from a customer perspective.

And I have some AWESOME guests lined up, I assure you!

How can you stay in the loop? 

Certainly, subscribe wherever you watch or listen in. Or click on the link in the show notes to subscribe to my newsletter. We don’t send spammy stuff. Only emails we believe will help you.

What’s next: 

We will soon open the doors to the Velvet Machete Leadership Society, which is our monthly membership for leaders who want to grow your influence among fellow business owners, managers and executives, while having direct access to me. I’ll fill you in more in a future episode, but for now, I’ll just plant that seed.

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