Build Your Personal Brand with the Fascinate® Test Personality Assessment (Ep 90) - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Leadership & Personal Branding Expert

Build Your Personal Brand with the Fascinate® Test Personality Assessment (Ep 90)

February 19, 2021

I often say that professionals who want to build a strong personal brand need to attend “You University.” But how do you do that? And how can you shorten the learning curve? 

My go-to answer to quickly develop self-awareness is to take personality assessments, and my go-to assessment for personal branding is the Fascinate® Test discovered by Sally Hogshead.

While we will explore all kinds of assessments on this podcast with expert guests, I just so happen to be an expert in this assessment as a long-time senior advisor with How to Fascinate. So we=e cover the science of Fascinate, the 7 Advantages, how your Advantages work together, and how to recognize and celebrate Advantages in others. 

So take the test and follow along, visit.

Then, tune in!

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Take the Fascinate Test:

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To learn more about the awesome Sally Hogshead visit


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