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Global Gurus Recognizes Amber Hurdle Among World's Top 30 Brand Professionals for 2020

February 08, 2020


I am so incredibly honored to be recognized by Global Gurus among the world’s top 30 brand professionals for 2020.

Having watched two people who have taught me so much, Sally Hogshead and David Avrin, dominate the top spots of this honor roll for years, this is another affirmation that putting your head down to keep going pays off! It’s been a pretty jam-packed start to 2020, so I forgot all about this being the time of year I usually get to cheer on my colleagues until I got an email saying I was on the list, too!!! #18…what?!

Admittedly, I had to see how this happened, and found this from the Global Gurus website regarding the selection process:

“Our research came from e-mails sent to 22,000 business people, consultants, academics and MBA’s around the world for nominations and our public opinion poll.

We shortlist 60 names then did a Google search for ranking, then requested voting.

The primary criteria is an impactful unique perspective, system, or approach that is practically implementable within their category of expertise. The second factor is public opinion. The breakdown of total voting criteria is as follow:

Public opinion – 30%

Originality of ideas – 30%

Impact of original ideas – 10%

Practicality of ideas – 10%

Presentation style – 10%

Number of publications and writings – 5%

Guru factor 5% (they have their own style that makes them stand out and be recognized)”

So cheers to that! I’m confident my Velvet Machete® Brand Strategy, that ensures strong Personal Brands lead strong Employer Brands, ultimately delivering strong Business Brands to customers, will keep getting traction. When you brand from the inside out *and invest in your people* you win every time!

And for those trying to establish your brand, remember: It takes time. Just. Keep. Going.

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