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Velvet Machete


    What is “Velvet Machete™”?


    Velvet Machete™ began as a nickname a client gave me long ago because he said I ruthlessly told him the truth, and yet he kept coming back for more…because it served him well. 

    That evolved into infusing Velvet Machete into my leadership and communication styles, and ultimately my branding philosophy, which is why you have found this page today!

    As a career branding professional, who was the internal publicist of sorts for senior leaders in the organizations in which I worked, I discovered the most effective way to influence others is to be direct, while sensitive to how they desire to receive the message. 

    So the machete cuts to the chase, while the velvet wraps the message in a way that feels good to the intended audience. 


    The machete cuts to the chase, while the velvet wraps the message in a way that feels good to the intended audience.

    What is the Velvet Machete™ Brand Strategy ?

    My overall Velvet Machete™ Brand Strategy breaks brand success into three parts: personal brands, employer brands and business brands.

    You see, when leaders leverage their personal brands to uphold their company’s employer brand through communication, engagement and infusing the company’s culture into every aspect of operations, customers then enjoy a strengthened brand experience, true to the heart and soul of the organization. It takes all three pieces working together for a company to find longstanding success.

     It is now my pleasure to guide you in bringing your Velvet and your Machete into balance.  

    Velvet Machete™ Personal Branding

    With Velvet Machete™ Personal Branding you will gain the confidence that comes with understanding your personal brand and its impact on engagement, cooperation and the bottom line. By offering a formula to communicate in a direct way that also shows mutual respect and understanding you will learn strategies to communicate and engage through change, difficult situations and during uncertainty, in addition to cultivating a spirit of excellence among those who play a part in helping you realize your goals. Leverage this and you can build a personal brand that people will love and respect.  


    Velvet MacheteEmployer Branding  

    Having a strong Employer Brand keeps your business focused, attracts and retains the right employees who are diverse, yet like-minded, and ultimately spills over into incredible customer experiences and financial results. You simply need a plan to manage “the family rules” and traditions of your business that establishes consistent expectations among all. Since recent studies show that maintaining a strong company culture in one of the top challenges leaders face, cultivating this culture and promoting a strong employer brand is no longer a nice to have, itis a MUST have.


    Velvet MacheteBusiness Branding

    Your brand is what people believe about your company. It is influenced by your company’s commitment to deliver on a promise to solve your customer’s problems, as well as your customer’s perception on how well you do that.. It is used to encourage an audience to buy, and it is led by personal brands who drive results by explimpifying the employer brand. No business brand can be flawlessly experienced by customers without humans within the company delivering on the brand promie.

    Who is Velvet Machete™ for?


    • ​Leaders who want to develop a compelling personal brand
    • Organizations who want to spend less time recruiting and more energy motivating top talent through a compelling employer brand
    • Small business owners who want to differentiate their brand from the competition
    • Those who have a personal brand under a shared brand such as real estate or direct marketing professionals
    • Job seekers searching to stand out in a crowded job market

    How can I experience the Velvet Machete™?

    I offer the following ways to partner with me to apply my Velvet Machete™ philosophy to your goals:

    About The Velvet Machete™, Amber Hurdle


    Author and brand expert, Amber Hurdle, understands what it takes to accelerate success. A former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse business woman, Amber has worked with international celebrities and Fortune 100 companies alike, and was recently recognized among the “Top 40 Under 40” by the Nashville Business Journal. Her happy clients include large brands such as FedEx Ground, Marriott Hotels, and Stella & Dot, as well as small businesses who want to play big. As a professional speaker, published author, app developer and podcaster, Amber helps professionals clarify and connect the collective power of integrated personal brands, employer brands and business brands. So whether her content-rich experiences energize leadership to fiercely live their organization’s culture and next-level their employee engagement or empowers entrepreneurs to think strategically, Amber’s straight shooting “velvet machete™” and bold personality never fail to motivate professionals to up their game in business and in life.

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