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Coming Soon: Velvet Machete Branding Podcast and Book

May 01, 2019

Many of you know I’ve been called the “Velvet Machete” since my early twenties because I tell the truth with a huge dose of love. It’s not just my personal brand, it’s how I approach *everything.*

So I’m turning my full attention to teaching this approach to branding through a new podcast and my next book.

You see, as a career branding professional, I discovered the most effective way to influence others is to be direct, while also sensitive to how they desire to receive the message. So the machete cuts to the chase, while the velvet wraps the message in a way that feels good to the intended audience.

In fact, my overall Velvet Machete Brand Strategy breaks brand success into three parts: personal brands, employer brands and business brands.

It’s clear that when leaders leverage their personal brands to uphold their company’s employer brand through communication, engagement and infusing the company’s culture into every aspect of operations, customers then enjoy a strengthened business brand experience, true to the heart and soul of the organization. It takes all three pieces working together for a company to find longstanding success.

So, text AMBERSNEWPODCAST to 44-222 or click HERE, to be the first to know when the podcast goes live…and more to come on the personal branding book, too!


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