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Bombshell Business Fall 2018 Updates: New FREE Tool for YOU!

July 31, 2018

As we transition out of summer and into the fall, my team has had its collective head down to make the Bombshell Business world more valuable, more consistent and easier to be a part of. That’s why I’m thrilled to make a few announcements: First, the Bombshell Squad’s leadership is growing beyond me with a team of experts who will now deliver amazing content and expertise to you. YAY!

And second, this team of experts is going to be fueling your next free tool: The Bombshell Business APP! That’s right, you are getting an app.

Finally, we are uncovering ways to make working with me directly more accessible. All of the details and timeline are below, so keep reading!

Twelve photos featuring the twelve Bombshell Experts

August 1: We rolled out our new Bombshell Business Experts Model

This small group of experts in their topic will teach you more about:

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Leadership
  • Company Culture
  • Customer Service
  • Systems and Project Management
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Financial Acumen, Bookkeeping, Forecasting and Business Models
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Employee Management
  • Copy Writing and Editing
  • Small Business Events and Large Events (Hosting or Attending)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Visual Storytelling for your Branding and Marketing….

…and we even have two “lifestyle” experts! One will cover more life coaching-type topics, and the other will cover “style” topics like fashion, food, home and more. (Because we don’t compartmentalize our Bombshell ways!)

You are going to LOVE this community of experts! They’ll be the people I consistently interview on the podcast, and we have an ocean of blog posts (themed around transitioning back into the swing of things after summer) ready to share with you over the next few months with more on the way. Be on the lookout as we introduce the Bombshell experts to you and the rest of the Bombshell Business community.

Once we get our rhythm down, I hope this opens me up to do more videos and possibly interview other people via video, as well.


A woman holding a smart phone

September 1: We launch the Bombshell Business App

FRIENDS! I’m SO excited about this! Instead of being strewn all over the Internet trying to keep up with everyone I will have a home that I can invite you into with great hospitality to serve you best. Here are some of the ways I think this will add value:

  • You don’t have to have your real name representing you on your account. I know many of you are afraid to talk about your business challenges in a Facebook group because your competition could be on there, someone else you know may be in the group, and because it’s hard to be vulnerable when you feel like you’re being watched. No worries! You can have a username in my app and that problem goes away!


  • Tired of typing in your email address every time you want a free worksheet from me? Ugh. I hated asking you to do that! Well, if you are an app user, you will be a tap away from a library of tools, literally at your fingertips. 🙂


  • We will have a chat wall, so we can extend the conversation after podcast episodes air. If we share an episode on Wednesday, we can say, “Go into the chat on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. CST and Jaime and I will be in there answering your questions about this episode!” How cool is that?! I want to connect with you more, but…


  • …raise your hand if you’re kinda over the political, grumpy version of Facebook that has evolved. Really, I don’t want to be and I don’t want YOU to be on Facebook for more than you need to be. We all need to focus on our businesses, and it’s too easy to go down a rabbit hole when you login to your Facebook account. PLUS, if a listener or student is not on Facebook, then what? They miss out. I’ll keep the Facebook groups viable so any connections or info you have is still available to you. However….


  • All groups (both public and private) will now be on the app! Conveniently packaged right where you’ll already be to listen to the podcast!


Those are some of the challenges I wanted to move past to serve you best. With those in mind, here are the current app features with more in consideration as we get things moving:


  • The Bombshell Business Podcast
  • This blog
  • My YouTube channel
  • A chat wall
  • Worksheets and free downloads
  • All of my social media channels
  • Events calendar
  • Online courses (we’ll still use Teachable, but you can access it from the app)
  • Private groups
  • A news ticker so you always know what is most important in the Bombshell World
  • Push notifications, so if Twitter has a massive password breach again, for example, I can push out a message to you to change your password ASAP!


I basically want to be a business partner in your pocket. 🙂 If you aren’t already signed up for my email updates, be sure to fill at the form at the end of this post to be notified when it goes live and to receive the link to the iPhone or Android versions!

Bombshell Business Bootcamp Logo

October 1: We roll out the new Bombshell Business Bootcamp®

I have taken my one-on-one branding process that I use with VIP clients, and Abby and I have worked VERY hard to translate that into a process you can use to clarify or create your own powerful brand. (If you are a current Bombshell Business Bootcamp® student, you will get all updates for free moving forward.) We still have to record the lessons and then it will be available to you!

On that note, I know that many of you want direct access to my help, but can’t fly into Nashville for two-days like my VIP clients, so we are working on ways to fix that, too. I will have one or two ways you can work with me directly to address your specific needs in a small group setting. But we aren’t quite ready to announce those details, yet!

Thank You, Bombshells!

A sincere thank you for growing with me. Thank you for knowing I am an all or nothing kind of person and if I can’t give you my all, I’d rather do nothing until I figure out how to give you what you deserve.

Please bear with us as we get our flow going and continue to try to offer the best value we can to you! And thank you for continuing to share your discoveries and struggles with me throughout the summer while limited content was published.

You. Are. The. Best! Big Bombshell hugs to you! So, what do you think? What is the most exciting part to you! I want to know!




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