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    It’s time to uplevel your brand experience and have a work vacay!

    I think you need a work vacation. Yep, you deserve to take just a few days off to escape the day-to-day operations and indulge in luxuries like focused time and energy on planning and decision-making…and of course some great foods, happy hour and America’s most fun city: Nashville. (Obviously.)


    If you:

    -> Feel overwhelmed that you can’t get on top of your business’ future because you’re stuck in the day-to-day of your business  

    ->  Have mad skills and off-the-charts energy, but maybe don’t have super fabulous branding and marketing that attracts higher-end clients

    -> Can’t seem to effectively communicate your vision when working with graphic designers, web designers, photographers or even the local newspaper ad guy

    -> Want to uplevel your business culture, your customer experience and really your own experience as a business owner

    -> Need help to decide what you REALLY want for your business brand (and let’s be real–for your life)

    -> Need expert advice from a woman who took herself from teen motherhood to working routinely with international celebrities, luxury resorts and Fortune 500 companies

    -> Feel stuck doing the same ol’ same ol’ when you know you are capable of more

    -> Need a little luxury (my favorite word) and focus in your life?

    Then you need the Bombshell Branding VIP Retreat.


    This two to three-day business retreat focused on elevating your brand, the type of customers your business attracts, your employees’ experience…and really your everyday life…is exactly what you need to next-level your business!

    We customize your activities to your unique situation.

    You will join me, an ICF certified coach, former celebrity event planner and consultant to Fortune 500 luxury brands, in the hottest city in the country, featuring one of the most talked about food scenes in the world.

    When I’m not wining and dining you with my southern hospitality, I’ll lead you through exercises that will revamp (or perhaps simply enhance) your company culture, business brand, personal brand and customer experience.

    We will define your ideal customer, craft your brand standards, write copy for your website, create guidelines for your logo, create service standards to teach your team…and more! (Shoot,  I’ll even direct your photoshoot with my own personal business photographer extraordinaire!)

    When you leave Nashville you will leave with a plan of action to take all of the necessary steps to next level your business and life…oh…and thirty days of additional support from me to ensure you wrap this up like the lady boss that you are!

    Your Results

    By the end of the Bombshell Branding VIP Retreat you will have:

    -> A draft Brand Message Guide so every marketing professional or employee keeps your messaging on brand and your story straight!

    -> Visual Brand Guide development content to turn over to graphic designer (I have amazing designers we can work with)

    -> A Photography Inspiration Board to turn over to photographer…OR

    -> A completed photoshoot directed by ME!

    -> A draft Website Package to turn over to website team (I have amazing website teams we can work with) so the process is seamless and your brand shows up BIG online

    -> A draft Red Lipstick Marketing Plan so you know exactly what next steps you need to take to get maximum exposure for your newly refreshed or created brand…in a realistic-for-your-time-and-resources kind of way!

    By the end of the 30-day follow up period (with full support from me…if YOU stay on track) you will have:

    -> A final Brand Message Guide

    -> A final Visual Brand Guide (to include logo, secondary logos/emblems, font selections, color codes, brand guidelines)

    -> Edited photographs if you opt to do your photoshoot during your retreat

    -> A final Website Package

    -> A final Red Lipstick Marketing Plan

  • Post-VIP Retreat Follow Up


    *If I have not already, I will connect you with my team of graphic designers, web designers and marketing gurus to execute the changes we made to elevate your brand experience

    *30 days of email access with two 50-minute follow up video conference calls to finalize your brand upgrade.

    *A final review of your Red Lipstick Marketing Plan to ensure you can prioritize and delegate long after you say, “Bye, y’all” to Nashvegas!

  • ah-day-two-101

  • Are you ready to visit Music City to put a little new song into the heart of your business?

    >>>Apply Now!<<<

    I can’t possibly accept all applications, but I’m happy to expand this offering beyond the referral basis that I’ve always worked from! Note: There is no pressure from me if you apply. We review applications, set up calls with those Bombshells we think we can help, then chat it up with the finalists to see if it is a good fit for your brand and mine.

    Stop saying you’re going to get it together “one day.”

    Apply TODAY.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is not covered in this package?

    You are responsible for your travel to and from Nashville, your accommodations, and any incidentals you decide to purchase while in Nashville. Your agreement with your graphic designer and/or website designer is separate from this experience, although we will work closely together. Any transportation or meals outside of our scheduled days together is your responsibility. Your meals, spa services (if booked), hair and makeup, photoshoot, video shoot, coaching and transportation are covered in the cost of the retreat.

    What do I have to plan on my end?

    Just be sure you are in Nashville by your first appointment on our agreed upon itinerary and we will take it from there. Our team will send you all of your confirmations, appointment times, a “Know Before You Go” with all locations, proper attire, weather and more than you could ever think to prepare yourself. We’ve got you, girl. 😉

    How will we pick the dates for the retreat?

    My team will work with your schedule to find my available dates that best coordinate with your goals and timelines, as well as available occupancy in our super hot City of Nashville.

    What happens after I pay for my deposit?

    We will reach out to you to discuss your goals, send you a pre-retreat survey, decide on dates, and set up your payment plan. We will be in communication with you from the time you make your deposit for this transformational experience until you touch down (or pull up) into Music City.

    What if we don’t get everything done?

    You clearly haven’t experienced my velvet-machete. 🙂 Having worked as a celebrity event planner and for the largest non-gaming resort and convention center in the U.S., I have learned to cut through to what is most important and move fast. Through your pre-retreat survey we will form some initial clarity. Our pre-retreat calls will allow my special gift of discernment to not only hear your words, but feel what you really desire. From there you may or may not discover why many refer to me as the “meeting nazi” because I keep things moving and on point. If a large resort brand can count on me to lead them through their annual strategic planning in a single day, just think what we can accomplish for your business culture and brand over the course of two to three whole days!

    Who’s going to have my back once I leave Nashville?

    I’ve got you! You will immediately start implementing the plan we created. I will guide you through working with my rockstar website and design teams, as necessary, and be available via email for a full 30 days. We will also have a mid-point AND a final wrap up video conference call. Yup, two more coaching sessions with your’s truly because clarity and accountability are my jams.

    What if I have other problems I want your help with during the retreat?

    Prior to the retreat my team will identify your highest priorities for success. We can customize your retreat to solve your greatest problems that are keeping you from elevating your brand. Importantly, we’ll agree upon what those are in writing so we are tracking and working towards the same goals while you are in Nashville and beyond. It’s super important to me that we are on the same page with the same expectations, and that you feel incredibly understood, cared for and pampered, of course.

    What is your refund policy?

    Due to the dynamic and multi-layered experience that involves reserving priority time with many various businesses we do not offer refunds on Bombshell Branding VIP retreat deposits. Cancellations made within 90 days will receive a refund of the retreat balance, less the deposit and any non-refundable expenses already incurred. (In which case those expenses will be evidenced. Please understand that I must use the same protection of my in-demand, and limited time with Bombshells as I do speaking engagement opportunities. I hope you treat your business and time equally as well.

    However, you have my promise backed by a publicly documented reputation that I leave no detail to chance and have my heart and business mind 100% committed to any person or project that I work with. The Bombshell Branding VIP Retreat is all about YOU. If you make this investment in your business and yourself, I feel certain you will leave feeling like it was a wise investment and an experience you will never forget personally, nor professionally.

    Want to know more about, me, Amber Hurdle?

  • I am a champion of women in business because I know first-hand that the path to the lifestyle and the personal fulfillment you desire is most quickly achieved through your professional endeavors. We spend most of our time running our businesses, so it only makes sense to leverage that opportunity to ultimately transform your life.

    How do I know how to do that?

    Because I went from a teen mom struggling to find a way to simply get caught up to a trusted advisor to the wealthy and the powerful. I figured out what problems I needed to solve and what experiences I needed to create to be an indispensible resource. Then I redefined my own expectations and not only elevated my professional game, I elevated my entire life.

    I have been featured in national and local news (you can check out recent media HERE) and was even highlighted by the Nashville Business Journal as a “Rising Star.” My clients include international Fortune 100s like FedEx, and I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in country music and beyond. But the real feels come on when I look through the sincere thank yous I get from the companies I work with. Like the photobook Loews Hotels gave me full of pictures of their managers and all of the things they learned about company culture, leadership and the luxury resort guest experience while working with me.

    And while I love to go into a juggernaut of a brand and do my thing, my heart also remains with women who aspire to create their own version of a juggernaut business. I know what it takes (and you do not have to spend a fortune) to create an experience for your customers, employees, vendors and beyond that makes everyone take a step back and say, “Wow. That’s done RIGHT. I want to be a part of THAT.”

    That’s why I wrote The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur (available on Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and more!)

    When I’m not strategically thinking or mapping out brand plans with my clients or coaching business owners and corporate leaders how to next level their internal and external brand experiences, I’m found enjoying Foodie Family Fun Night with my family, in the free weight room man-sweating with my super fierce workout partners, looking for any excuse to celebrate with my tribe of friends or opening our home, alongside my Mr. Wonderful, to personally extend the gift of hospitality…and a glass or two of red wine. 😉

  • Isn’t it time someone pours into you and your brand?

    >>>Apply Now!<<<

    I can’t possibly accept all applications, but I’m happy to expand this offering beyond the referral basis that I’ve always worked from! Note: There is no pressure from me if you apply. We review applications, set up calls with those Bombshells we think we can help, then chat it up with the finalists to see if it is a good fit for your brand and mine.

    Stop saying you’re going to get it together “one day.”

    Apply TODAY.


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