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Becoming the Reigning Queen of the Guest Experience with Tyann Marcink Hammond (151)

October 25, 2022

Tyann Marcink Hammond has truly earned her title in the Vacation Rental Industry as the “Queen of the Guest Experience.” 

Generous with her knowledge,  Tyann freely shares just how she is able to drive direct bookings, repeat bookings and even capture guests’ passionate testimonials because their minds are blown by their experience with her two brands: Branson Family Retreats and Missouri Haus.

But life would not be nearly full enough for this leader with remarkable bandwidth with just that! In addition to being a vacation rental owner and manager, she is a mom, a wife, and oh yeah…also a brilliant ambassador for Touch Stay digital welcome books, the co-host of The Guest Cast podcast, an industry leader and consultant, the co-creator of VR Mastered Vacation Rental Boot Camp, an author and speaker…and she still the juice to be a good friend, too! (Shew, girl!)

My team member and I were recently able to enjoy one of Tyann’s pre-conference activities on behalf of Touch Stay, and I’m here to tell you that her “queen” title is legit. Her commitment to experiences is remarkable!

One of the first in the industry to connect with me on a personal level, it’s been amazing getting to know and learn from this Bombshell, who is equally driven and pulled in a million directions as I am, and who still co-fosters a friendship that honors the ultra-busy lives we lead.

Ok, so want a fun fact? Tyann and her husband, Nat, communicate with their guests TWENTY times between their booking and arrival, creating emotional connections and building brand trust with their guests along the way.

So tune in to learn how to up your guest or customer experience in any industry by listening to this final episode in the Vacation Rental Takeover of The Bombshell Business Podcast!


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