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Leading with Love with Lauren Madewell of Auntie Belham Cabin Rentals (150)

October 24, 2022

If you’re not following Lauren Madewell, Chief Operating Officer of Auntie Belham’s Cabin Rentals, on LinkedIn for her insightful posts and funny guest-facing videos, you are missing out!

Her adorably on-brand campy (in the best way) guest videos both deepen the emotional connection with their brand while offering helpful guidance to make guest stays easier and less stressful. Never afraid to look goofy to share the love, she also takes her employee experience, her guest experience, her influence on the VR/STR industry, as well as her stewardship as a leader in the Great Smokey Mountain community, very seriously.

Something clicked for her at the VRM Intel Women’s Summit in 2021, and the fire that was lit ignited an inferno of activity that has ultimately put this emerging industry leader on stage among industry power houses at this year’s VRMA International Conference. (Not too shabby for someone who wasn’t even on LinkedIn, the VR industry water cooler, even a year ago!)

It’s been a JOY to watch Lauren in her becoming and to watch her love hard in all areas of her life. And of course, as a fellow Tennessean, I have mad respect for her commitment to true “southern hospitality,” as well as to honoring her ideal customer base by keeping vacations with Auntie Belham’s both affordable and magical for the average working class family.

Tune in to get all of the warm fuzzies, along with ample business advice for any industry, as we continue the Vacation Rental Industry Takeover of The Bombshell Business Podcast! (Links in the comments!)


Connect with Lauren Madewell

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-madewell-99bb68228/

Website: https://www.auntiebelhams.com/


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