05-Your Personal Brand, Bombshell Business Podcast

05: Develop Your Personal Brand

August 30, 2016

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast we talk about your personal brand, the third layer of my business success pyramid. I start off telling you about a perfect example from my date night with my husband, then we get into the “how to” of defining your personal brand.

Bombshell Success Pyramid


Your Personal Brand

Attract the BEST people and opportunities to your business and life through developing your personal brand.

Your personal brand is a snapshot of who you authentically are as an individual and what you uniquely offer the world. It helps people quickly identify with you, enabling you to attract the right people into your life, and it provides an immediate perception that puts you top of mind for specific opportunities others may come across, increasing their likelihood of presenting the opportunities to you. Put your personal brand to work and you will fast track your success!

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Urban Grub, AKA one of my favorite restaurants in Nashville, with servers who GET working their personal brand (like James)!

Jennie Burton, Jennie B Well: My wellness coach, client and Bombshell alum

Transformat10n: Where I get my BodPod results and other fitness tests done each month.

David Duff, Nashville FitLab: Where I go for nutrition support that is related to digestive issues.



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