03-The Business Success Pyramid, Part 1: Company Culture, Bombshell Business Podcast

03: The Business Success Pyramid, Part 1: Company Culture

August 16, 2016

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast I kick off a three-part series about my business success pyramid, this time focusing on its foundation: your company culture.

Bombshell Success Pyramid


You don’t need to be a big business to have a strong company culture that keeps your business focused on how you dreamed it would operate, that attracts and retains the right employees, who are like-minded, and that ultimately spills over into incredible customer experiences. Tune in to learn how to strengthen or establish your business company culture, then download the free worksheet to map it out in writing.

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Recommended Resources and Other Mentions:

American Express Company Culture

Ritz Carlton Service Basics

Deloitte Study Statistics on Culture, Engagement and Employee Retention

75% of employees who leave their jobs voluntarily are not actually quitting their jobs; they are quitting their bosses. (Roger Herman, Human Resources Employee Engagement Statistics 2011)



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