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Weathering the Storms in Your Life with Annie Meehan

November 22, 2023

Today’s guest endured 22 harrowing hours hiding in a closet during Hurricane Ian, but what she was focused on during that time may surprise you. Mental wellness expert, Annie Meehan, said that throughout the terrifying ordeal she kept reminding herself of all of her blessings in life. She focused on how great her life had been up to that point, and how much she was able to help others in her journey. After the storm passed Annie’s home was destroyed, but her attitude of gratitude was not. During our conversation she shares how we all can grow a more grateful, positive perspective in life, no matter what is thrown our way!

Annie shares with us: 

  • Am I going to be bitter or better?
  • Her philosophy, and related book, Choose to Soar
    • STORMS: Still & Silent, Time, Reliable Relationships, Opportunities, Motivated,Soaring 
  • Where and why people get stuck in their personal growth journey 
  • What is a MapLife session and how can it help change your life perspective?
  • The importance of boundaries and killing ANTs!

Are you ready to learn some real life skills to help weather the storms in your life? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

About Annie Meehan

Annie Meehan is a mental wellness expert, certified coach, professional keynote speaker, and award-winning author of seven books. Her keynote message from her book, “Be the Exception,” inspires, educates, and motivates her audience to adopt practical tools to lead more impactful personal and professional lives. Annie has earned the distinction of a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and is a Minnesota Hall of Fame speaker. In the corporate arena, Annie’s passion is to share her “H3 Cultures” concept to help organizations create a Hopeful, Healthy, and Happy workplace. Another one of her books, “The Pineapple Principle,” offers hospitality and a sweet journey to an exceptional customer experience. Annie is a Hurricane IAN survivor and lives on Fort Myers Beach with her husband and two dogs

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