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Unlock Your Potential: How to “Nourish” Yourself to Success with Kirbee Miller

May 11, 2023

I am extremely excited to share today’s guest with all of you. Kirbee Miller is one of my closest friends on the planet and has meant so much to my becoming and my evolution. Today Kirbee shares her journey of a life changing accident and how it affected her in ways she never expected. Exhausted and burning the candle at both ends, she learned to fill her own cup, rather than “scraping the sediment from the bottom” and follow her full design. 

During our discussion Kirbee shares some beautiful insights:

  • Living the quote, “Adversity introduces a man or a woman to themselves”
  • What does it look like to take care of myself in a real way?
  • Every day you’ve lived up until this point has prepared you for your moment of action
  • The ideas that come to you are on loan to you 
  • It is a privilege and honor to embody your full design
  • The space that you fill when you are fully you is irreplaceable 
  • And more!

Grab a notebook and be ready to rewind and repeat to gain the full impact of her wisdom! Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

PS – If you take on the challenge I issue in this episode, please email me to discuss your insights throughout the next week.


About Kirbee Miller

Kirbee Miller is the Owner and Chief Experience Officer of Kirbee + Co., a community-driven business that cultivates immersive experiences to promote inclusion and connection. 

Kirbee launched her multi dimensional brand around the idea that being seen and safe is a powerful equalizer leading to beautiful conversation and connection. This brand has taken Kirbee on a global journey.

However, Kirbee’s road to entrepreneurship through passion and creativity has not been without hardship. On New Year’s Eve 2018, her parents were critically injured in a car accident, leaving Kirbee to spend many months sleeping in the hospital, advocating for her parents’ care, and ultimately this experience has reinforced Kirbee’s commitment to creativity, inclusive and meaningful moments that Nourish.

Kirbee has grown a committed following through consulting, television appearances, event hosting, keynote speaking and her guided journal + cookbook : NOURISH –  A Guide to Coming Home to Yourself. 

Kirbee + Co.’s  mission is to use voice and creativity to meaningfully cultivate connections. 


Connect with Kirbee

Website: https://bit.ly/KirbeeandCo

Socials: @KirbeeandCo http://l.ead.me/bb7l5m

Book: Buy on Amazon 

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