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Starting Your Business Off on the Right Foot with Alejandra Santos

April 06, 2023

Today I talk with Alejandra Santos, accounting and finance consultant experienced with nonprofits, restaurants, real estate, wealth management, and startups.We discuss the various financial intricacies of starting a new business and how to keep an established business healthy, strong and profitable. 

Alejandra focuses on: 

  • How do you avoid going broke fast?
  • The biggest challenges entrepreneurs face
  • The importance of EBITDA and the implications on hiring and firing
  • Early-stage startups and 4 essential tactics
  • The perils of poor accounting
  • How to deal with quiet quitting as a business owner
  • Why a fractional CFO makes sense

Interested in the financial gold we discuss? You should be! Tune in on your favorite listening app or watch it on YouTube!


About Alejandra Santos

Alejandra Santos is the founder and CEO of Startup Tandem. Her organization helps entrepreneurs build well grounded high performing organizations, position their financials for an exit, and continuously mentor teams to help promote and maintain ethical practices for growth.

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