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The Secret No One Tells You About "Work"

September 02, 2014

If you think there has to be more to life than “this,” I’ll be the first person to tell you there IS! However, contributing to the greatness of the world does not mean you have to become the next Mother Teresa.

In fact, it likely manifests where we spend our greatest amount of time: at WORK.

There you have people with stories, dreams, insecurities and a wagon of experiences they drag around in life. And you have the opportunity to impact them in extraordinary ways right in their everyday lives.

How are you engaging that potential customer? Your loyal client? Your employee or your boss?

Do you have the courage to be vulnerable so they have permission to do the same? So they can trust you enough to buy from you? To refer their friends to you? To be led by you and support the goals of your organization?

So they can experience life in a new way that could likely shift their paradigm, impacting their networks, and then their network’s networks until your reach is FAR greater than you could ever imagine?

Wait…did you say “vulnerability”….ewww!

Who wants to be that?

Let me tell ya. Life is uncomfortable. Every day presents risk. And getting comfortable being uncomfortable…and feeling the fear, but doing it anyway is the only portal that can carry you from “there’s got to be more to life than this” to living a passionate, deeply meaningful life.

By being totally real with people and showing up as your most genuine version of yourself you can set a tone of professionalism without the barriers that keep us from connecting with others and meeting their true needs from a soulful space.

You were given gifts, strengths, personality traits and interests to share them with the world. Your greatest opportunity to do that is in your work, where all of those factors can be mixed up and poured out to achieve measurable results while at the same time creating intrinsic value. In fact, those pieces of you come from your soul, so if your soul is not connected to your work (either because you are in the wrong line of work or because you have never thought to view your work in this way) that may be your fastest solution to finding the “more” you are seeking in life.

I want to remind you that you do have the power to discover (or rediscover) your calling so you can start experiencing satisfaction and inner purpose. 

I want to encourage you that failure is a vital part of success. So take some risks as you seek to live out your calling, and stop holding yourself back in fear of making a mistake or possibly upsetting someone else.

I want to also point out that people in all areas of your life are just like you: trying to figure out their own way, yet bound to make mistakes, too. So showing yourself grace while maintaining expectations sets the tone for innovation while still honoring a spirit of excellence for you AND others.

Do you think you can fulfill your calling while inspiring others to do the same with this equation?

Innovation + Excellence + Grace =  Measurable + Soulful Success

I’m sure it makes sense to apply this with your family and friends. Yet now I challenge you to start considering how the gifts, strengths and worldview that you apply to your business or company role are likely an enormous part of your calling and greatness.

That’s right, no matter WHERE you are showing up, I challenge you to:

Just do you.

Always. In every role you play in life. Then you can see how fulfilling your day to day can truly become.

What about you? When did you realize how powerful your professional impact could be beyond the dollars and cents? Or perhaps the question may be what is holding you back from embracing that your professional life is a vessel to impact your world? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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