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Are You Paper Plate Mom or a Bombshell Business Woman?

September 29, 2017

Meet Paper Plate Mom.


This go-getter runs her family and her business, volunteers in her community, and is many things to many people. Everyone thinks she is a rockstar.

Then one day, when her child’s class had a party, she saw that Susie’s mom brought cupcakes decorated in the school colors sitting atop a three-tiered stand dripping in crystals….

….and her children signed up to bring the paper plates…again.

It’s in this moment, despite all her gifts and accomplishments as a professional and as a mother to well-rounded children, that this go-getter loses her confidence.

Over a package of paper plates!

Good thing for her she started reading The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur. She redefined success, learned how to streamline her business through actionable advice, and she realized that when she is on top of her business, she can better stay on top of her life.

She discovered her inner Bombshell: that bold, brave, female entrepreneur she knew was inside of her, and she never lost it over a package of paper plates again!

Do you know anyone who is tired of feeling like Paper Plate Mom? Then visit, order her a copy of The Bombshell Business Woman, and help her start her own journey to becoming a Bombshell Business Woman for life!


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