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March 2016 Bombshell Third Thursday Recap | Money Mindset With Laura Headley

March 18, 2016

What did everyone think of March’s Bombshell Third Thursday? Well, I overheard something like…


Wow, wow!”

That’s right, Laura Headley, our very own local Edward Jones advisor, absolutely BROUGHT IT to this month’s Bombshell Third Thursday Networking and Professional Development Luncheon.



First of all, I’m afraid she set the standard for freebies, but that is a total aside! 🙂

Now, to show why I thought it was so important for female entrepreneurs to take a serious look at their relationship with money, here is a FASCINATING statistic Laura shared that should make you straighten up in your chair real quick when you read it….are you ready???

22 *TRILLION* dollars will be shifted to women by 2020 due to outliving their spouses and progress made in the workforce.


So why is that a significant statistic to pay attention to (other than the “holy cow” factor)? Only two out of every ten women feel “very prepared” to make major financial decisions and it looks like we are going to be overwhelmingly in charge of them for the United States!

Why the disconnect?

Let’s face it
women in general don’t like to talk about money
especially in the south! Yet we all want to have successful businesses and the lifestyles of our dreams
and that all takes manifesting and managing MONEY!

That’s why Laura Headley walked us through the five critical questions women MUST ask themselves when it comes to money. In fact, she very clearly *with visuals* showed us the power of our finances, talked to us about our limiting beliefs around money (and how it impacts our earning and spending); how to properly value ourselves and our work, how to strategically plan for our futures and ultimately how to live a life of total abundance!

After all, as Laura says, “Competence equals confidence!

And aren’t Bombshells bold, brave and unwaveringly confident in their businesses and in their LIVES?


Now if you missed it, everyone received a simple, yet detailed workbook and tools to use to fancy up their femme finances in addition to getting a pumice stone and lotion as part of Laura’s 30-day habit challenge. I mean, really, does YOUR financial advisor worry about your pedicure? Clearly yours is NOT a Bombshell! 😉

I’m going to shoot you straight, if you missed this you missed out BIG TIME. So first, I recommend you find wherever Laura may be speaking next and go there!


Then, I would register for April’s Bombshell Third Thursday RIGHT NOW so you don’t miss out on amazing presentation again. In addition to our normal, supportive and fun networking environment, you will learn all about blogging for business from Cindy Laverty, of Discovering Franklin. It’s on the “third Thursday” of April, which is April 21st, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., and it’s only $24, which includes lunch.

If you are or aspire to be a Bombshell: a bold, brave and unwaveringly confident fempreneur in the Middle Tennessee area, then you definitely want to mark your calendar for these monthly professional development and networking luncheons!

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