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How to Write with Passion

February 17, 2019

Passionate writing inspires action and emotion. When you read a piece of writing (whether a blog post, a novel, or a poem) that comes from a place of passion, you can feel it on a gut level. The natural next step is to ask, “How do I write like that?”

There are many ways to infuse your emotion and your passion into your writing so that your audience can connect to your work on a deeper level. Let’s dive in.

1. Write about things that excite you.

When you write about something you believe in or something you’re excited about, it’s hard to keep those positive emotions out of your writing. But if you’re bored by the subject matter, your passion isn’t going to come through.

Stick to writing about things you’re truly excited about–giddy, even. Business owners and influencers can easily get lost in the weeds of all the shiny objects they “should” be writing about. But when you write about something out of obligation, that takes the sparkle out of the topic.

Don’t worry about writing about topics that are “on trend” simply to keep up. If writing your content is a drag, reading it will be, too. Sure, it’s good to stay relevant in your industry, but focus on the things that inspire you.

Seek out client work for niches, brands, products and subjects to write about that make you feel visceral passion. Be present with your emotions and lean into those feelings before you get started. When you sit down to write, the way you feel will shine through.

2. Focus on styles of writing you love.

There are really no rules for style when it comes to writing content that best reflects your brand. If you don’t enjoy a particular type of writing, it’s hard to do that passionately. Focus on the kind of writing that make you feel like you’re on your A-game, and let go of the rest.

Letting go will look different for different business owners. For you, it might mean outsourcing certain types of writing (like sales pages or social media posts) to another writer who can ghost for you–but who loves writing that particular kind of material. It could also mean nixing a particular type of material for your business altogether.

In the end, it depends on what resonates most with your audience. Remember, you get to make the rules and decide how your content gets done.

3. Stay tuned into your WHY.

To reconnect with your passion and get it into your writing, spend some time reflecting on your big WHY.

  • Why are you running this business?
  •  Who is it for?
  •  What’s the end game?
  • Why do you love it?
  •  What goal are you working toward?

Remembering the purpose behind what you’re writing is as important as doing the writing itself. This is especially true if you need to turn out content you’re not thrilled about in order to serve a greater good. Maybe your why is the end, and your writing is the means to that end. Maybe you’re new to your business, and your writing is your stepping stone to the next stage.

Whatever the case, it’s important to reconnect with your why. You can do this by:

  •  Journaling through writer’s block
  • Writing down your frustrations in order to process them
  • Bringing your focus back to the purpose and journaling about that
  • Talking it out with a friend, trusted colleague, or mentor

Keep bringing your focus back to the reason behind your writing, and you’ll almost certainly reconnect with your passion. And in turn, you can pass that on to your audience.

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