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How to Use Mobile Marketing to Keep Your Customers Passionate About Your Brand

February 11, 2019

How your brand is perceived has everything to do with how your customers perceive you when they visit or buy online, interact with employees, or come into your establishment. How clean your store looks, how displays look for merchandising, how friendly are your employees, do you offer value over your competition, and much more all play into the perception of your brand. That perception also carries over into your mobile marketing. Do you offer mobile friendly services and is your website easy to view on mobile? Do you offer a branded app for them to interact and engage, share content, and enjoy discounts and coupons and loyalty rewards programs?

Mobile marketing is huge advantage to build incredibly passionate customers who pass on your positive brand perception to others. You want to keep them passionate about your brand and sharing your content, offers, new products and services, and brag to their friends, family and coworkers aboutyou. Just a simple reward they earn on your app provides an opportunity for them to share your brand in a passionate way with others. People love to tell others of their good fortunes and wins!

Here’s how mobile marketing with a branded app can keep your customers passionate about you.


Keep customers up-to-date with your mobile app with the latest news, tips, products, services, and offers. Noone wants to miss a deal or a tip that you can provide that adds value to their lives. Using push notifications is a super easy way to ensure all your customers get the most current offers, tips and other relevant content right to their mobile phone.


Video is hot and getting hotter. People love to consume videos and share them as well. Having a YouTube channel with videos is a perfect way to add content to your app and give them ways to engage with your brand and easily share them to go viral. Video can be of super simple things like unboxing new products, featuring your employees, tips and tutorials, interviews, and much more.


Hosting events is a great way to keep customers passionate about your brand. Events can be opportunities to have them bring along a friend and in turn could bring new business and a new passionate fan to your bottom line. Offer incentives for them to attend with giveaways, bring a friend offers, rewards, or make it special as a VIP invite only type of event for your most valuable customers to

attend. Events can be listed in your mobile app so everyone can plan to be there ahead of time. Reminders with push notifications are also easy to do.


Mobile apps are great ways to offer limited in app purchases for your customers. By offering products and services that are only available in your app, ensures they have a reason to download the app and check for these special deals. No one wants to miss out on a deal, and you have a perfect vehicle to deliver that with a branded mobile app. These types of incentives truly provide a easy but powerful way to keep customers passionate about your brand and share it with others from within the app since most content is shareable via social media, or even having them share the entire app with others.

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