How to Create Die-hard Brand Loyalty Like Coca Cola For Your Small Business

How to Create Die-hard Brand Loyalty Like Coca Cola For Your Small Business

October 20, 2016

When you think about Coca Cola, what do you think about?

Usually when I ask this question in my live events or corporate trainings I hear things like:

“Polar bears”

“Santa Claus”



“My name on a bottle”

“Share a Coke with a friend”


Then, I ask how they would respond if they were at a restaurant and asked, “Is Pepsi OK?”

The crowd generally erupts in groans and protests.

Them’s fightin’ words!

So then I ask why they feel so strongly about their cola of choice and what correlation they made between the words that come to mind and their loyalty to the brand.

THAT’S where I usually stump them.

You see, where Pepsi does the jazz hands and fireworks with celebrity endorsements and Super Bowl halftime show sponsorships, Coca Cola makes emotional connections with their audience.

Want warm fuzzies? Watch a Coke commercial…especially at Christmas.

All of their imagery, campaigns and even the look of their flagship product is consistent and never-changing. It takes you back to your younger years, your favorite memories and simpler times.

When you drink a Coke they want you to know that while everything else might change and get complicated in life, Coca Cola will always be exactly the same delicious product.

They’ve got you hook, line and sinker.

And that’s how your brand can be, too.

But you have to know what your values and mission is. You have to understand your profit center. You have to know what makes you stand out. You need to be so intentional in your daily activities and your planning that you can without fail maintain that emotional connection consistently over time.

In order to communicate and engage with your audience in a meaningful way you simply have a solid company culture, a clear marketing plan and consistent systems to help you deliver on your brand promise.

I can help you with all of that.

In fact, that is exactly why I created the Bombshell Business Bootcamp.

I saw so many hungry, intentional women who are SO talented, want to serve others with their God-given gifts, but they ultimately felt all over the place and spread thin. They were frustrated that they poured so much into their work, yet weren’t getting the traction they felt they should be getting for their time and energy investment.

And I was all over here teaching this stuff to Fortune 500 companies and showing leaders how to infuse these principles into the core of their daily ops from the inside out. Meanwhile, my female entrepreneur clients were drowning while trying the Pepsi strategies: whatever is the new and shiny marketing thing must be the way to go.

*Jazz hands and fireworks EVERYWHERE!*

But were people brand loyal to them (like Coke) or where they only chosen as “good enough” (like Pepsi)?

If “good enough” is what you’re after, go’on whicha bad self. If not…

…it’s time to get off the struggle bus.

Make the small investment in yourself, and watch your brand, your business and your life fill with warm fuzzies, too.

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