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How to Be Beyonce Confident to Close More Sales (121)

April 14, 2022

Want to gain more confidence in your sales and ask for your worth with ease? I’d say you likely do, because according to our guest, Dr. Naieema Jackson, less than 10% of women-owned businesses ever experience a six-figure income year!



How do we fix this?

We “slay!”

Yep, Dr. Naieema offers her signature SLAY system for closing more sales with ease:

S-Sales: Understand the psychology behind sales.

L-Language: Know your ideal client and use the words that they use in your sales copy.

A-Automate: Create a way to nurture your prospects in a meaningful way.

Y-Your Offers: Build your offer suite of no more than 3 offers that are positioned in a premium way.


Dr. Naieema’s back story on choosing to lay down the identity she thought society required of her and instead step into her true identity and purpose is enlightening. In our conversation she shares how assessments fast tracked her to understanding she is a natural salesperson, which is why she shares that your success always begins with self-awareness.

(Know anyone else who says this? <Cough! Cough!>)

We also cover the lies women tell to themselves that limits their earning potential, key strategies you can use to grow your customer base, and so much in between! So…

Who run the world?


That’s the vibe of this episode, so tune in on your favorite listening app or on YouTube, and be sure to check out the show notes over at episode 121!


About Dr. Naieema Jackson

Dr. NIGHEEMA is a Sales and Business Strategist the CEO of The Determined FemPreneur™ and the host of The Determined FemPreneur Podcast. She grew her business to a six figure business in one year. For service-based female entrepreneurs, we are the leading business & sales strategy program that helps our clients get to 30k+ months in 90 days, while working less. We do this by combining a unique blend of high-ticket sales, messaging and automation.


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