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How Pure Glow is Transforming the Beauty Industry with Lauren Rampello Becotte

March 14, 2024

Today’s guest is on a mission to redefine the industry standard for sunless tanning. She wants to provide a pure option for customers looking to unleash their inner glow, and she wants YOU to never give up on your dreams! We cover it all in this episode!

Lauren Becotte is the founder of Pure Glow, a tanning studio that is dedicated to providing the safest, most natural spray tan possible. Her initial approach focused on all of the things she did not love about conventional spray tans – “the questionable scent, unnatural tones, its drying nature, risky staining and transfer onto clothing, its typical 3-day life span, inconsistency of results.”

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of natural and organic ingredients
  • How she self-funded her start-up at the age of 26!
  • The tactic Lauren uses to manage the complexities of life and business
  • And more!

Ready to learn more and protect yourself before your next spray tan session? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!

About Lauren Becotte

As the founder of Pure Glow, Lauren’s goal is to transform an entire industry with the highest standards for sunless tanning services with non-toxic ingredients, a health-focused experience and flawless results that last. She spent a decade funding her own research and developing an organic and clean formula that naturally reacts with the skin’s melanin to mimic a natural tan. At Pure Glow, they are modernizing the sunless tanning experience for anyone who wants to routinely protect their skin and improve their overall appearance in minutes.

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