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How Do You Fascinate?

October 30, 2019

 Do you know how you Fascinate? I DO! Hi, I’m a Catalyst!

That means my primary Fascination Advantage is Passion, meaning I love creating warm, emotional connections. YUP, I love people. Aesthetics matter to me. I want things to look good, feel good and smell good. My friends would definitely say that one of the ways I fascinate is through planning events and entertaining and making sure everything around me is beautiful. In business, you will see that networking comes easily to me, being a keynote speaker makes total sense, and my visual branding is consistent.⁠ My secondary Fascination Advantage is Innovation. I’m an out of the box thinker. A little (or a lot) unorthodox, I tend to be bold, and I like to reinvent how things are done. Status quo is not my go-to!

When Innovation is paired with my Passion Advantage, I tend to be my friends’ go-to for problem solving or figuring out how to communicate things. In business, this is super helpful as a consultant. Whether I’m working with personal brands, employer brands or business brands, I can usually start to figure out the solution before my client finishes telling me about the problem.⁠ My Catalyst nature helps me influence through creating strong relationships so that people trust my bold, unorthodox solutions to their problems.⁠

As a Fascinate Certified Advisor I have the privilege of using the Fascination Advantage Assessment (created by the one and only Sally Hogshead) to show the audiences or teams I serve how the world sees them at their best. Unlike DISC or Myers-Briggs (which are awesome), Fascinate is not another personality assessment that shows you how you see the world. Nope! Fascinate, in under three minutes, shows you how the world sees you!⠀

So, how do YOU Fascinate?⁠ If you want to bring  Fascinate into your organization, let us know by emailing And if you are dying to know how you Fascinate NOW, simply click here.

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