How a Bombshell Launched a Business & Crushed Sugar Addictions with Amanda Ament

How a Bombshell Launched a Business & Crushed Sugar Addictions with Amanda Ament

November 10, 2022

Talk about tenacity! Amanda Ament took seven years to bring her product SIMPLE bars to market with no cane sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no sugar alcohols, and she hasn’t looked back since! As a frequent traveler with MANY dietary restrictions I was an immediate fan girl! I met Amanda at a conference where her mentor shared her product from stage and I had a sample sitting in front of me, so I immediately asked her to be a guest on my podcast.

Amanda, who is remarkably young, is on a mission to educate the masses on hidden sugars found in food products, how our society normalizes it, how its effect on our bodies is extreme, and on how many health problems it causes. She wants busy professionals and beyond to understand the positive impact of quitting sugar and moving towards clean eating to support our best livelihood! 

We cover everything from what she had to sort through to bring her product to market to the benefits of lowering sugar to live a healthier life without the downside of sugar binges.

Use the code AMBER20 to receive 20% off all SIMPLE bars! (I get no commission. This is just a discount code for you!)


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About Amanda Ament

I eliminated sugar from my diet and struggled to find sugar-free snack bars, so I made my own. I realized I couldn’t be the only one trying to quit sugar or lower sugar intake, so I decided to make these bars available to others facing the same challenges. We are one of the first brands to use allulose and offer a clean label. Perfect for people struggling with sugar-related issues like hashimotos, diabetes but also simply looking to eat less sugar.



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