18: How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle as a Busy Fempreneur with Jennie Burton

18: How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle as a Busy Fempreneur with Jennie Burton

November 28, 2016

This week Amber Hurdle shares how to live a healthy lifestyle as a busy fempreneur during her interview with Jennie Burton, who shares tips you can put into action right away to take big steps toward better health without dieting or spending hours at the gym. You will also learn how Jennie started her business working with busy women as an effective and very successful wellness coach.

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Episode 18: How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle as a Busy Fempreneur with Jennie Burton Transcription

*This episode was transcribed for your reading convenience, based on a verbal conversation. Please forgive grammatical errors.

Amber: Welcome back to the Bombshell Business Podcast where fempreneurs come to become more bold, brave and unwaveringly confident in their business and in their life. I am your host Amber Hurdle, and I am so excited to invite you to listen into episode number 18 with my dear friend, client, and actually, my own wellness coach Ms. Jennie Burton. This is the final episode in my season of gratitude all through the month of November, I have invited people onto the Bombshell Business Podcast who have really solved a big role in me finding my happy place in business and while Jennie is a wellness coach she helped me work through and kick off a different season of health for my life which has enabled me to be the best for my business. She personally helped me lose 10 pounds of body fat, and also was one of my very first one-on-one clients when I kicked off my business and she was an ideal client. So, I was really able to shape the type of person I wanted to work with because of Jennie and other women like her. So, Jennie Burton helps other women who want to make that forever healthy lifestyle change with her dedication, inspiration, and motivation. She motivates her tribe on how they can realistically ex-out-dieting where they don’t know where to start, stop being overwhelmed with all the controversial info and be on the road to being healthy and most importantly being you. And if I could add to that, she will also still let you enjoy wine. So, now that we’ve got that part out of the way: welcome Jennie to the show.

Jennie: Thank you for having me, Amber, I really appreciate this opportunity.

Amber: Absolutely! Jennie is right here actually in the studio A.K.A my office and sitting right next to me, I love that we are both stinking and left the gym at the same time and just came over to my office to rock this out. So, we’re going to break the show up today in two different areas. The first part is going to be for those of you who are listening who need some very applicable, actionable strategies to live a healthier lifestyle and still be the insanely busy female entrepreneur that you are. Then the second part, we’re going to actually talk about her own journey and how she got to where she is, where she is as a, well I’ll let her tell you about all her certifications and qualifications but you know, she had to start somewhere and I know many of my listeners are in the wellness industry. So, I know there are other wellness coaches, there are also gym owners and pilates instructors and all different types of people who might want to follow her path, so she’ll give you a little breakdown.

But let’s kick it off with you telling us a bit about yourself as a women, I know you’re a wife, a mom.

Jennie: I am yes, obviously, I am a nutritionist and a wellness coach, I have an 11-year old son who I transport to and from school and all his activities and everything else. I also take care of my husband’s books; we have a concrete business so I do that and I’ve been digging into real-estate as well. So, I am just kind of here there, everywhere. Between clients or starting up a new program or doing the books or picking up my son, taking him to art lessons motocross, camping, whatever, you know it depends on what day where you’ll find me. Oh, and I have to get exercise in everyday, that’s a must.

Amber: So, for those of you who are also multi-passionate or need alone-time, Jennie is a great example of how you can be successful in a lot of areas because you’re interested in a lot of areas and when she needs to buckle down her focus I know she can do that. And so, just as I am talking to these experts I just like to point out there are little side things too because if what makes you happy is doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that and you’re able to sustain your livelihood and your sanity then fricking doing it. Sorry! You only live once, YOLO but it’s the truth. So, just as we’re moving into what tips she has for you and strategies I don’t want you to think well oh well she’s just at home all day and exercises for 4 hours a day.

Jennie: Err, No.

Amber: Yeah and I can personally say that because I am at the gym the same time she is, and we work out about the same time every single day. So, this is a very realistic women we’re talking to today.

Jennie:  I appreciate that.

Amber:  Tell us a little bit about your certifications and what you had to go through to get those certifications.

Jennie: Well, my recent one is that I am Nutritious Life certified through Keri Glassman and you can look her up. She’s a registered dietician and I really enjoyed her program. And it’s not only after you finish the program but I am put in a group with all these other registered nutritionists, registered dieticians, you know people that own gyms, it’s just a whole community a great tribe of fitness and wellness people and so we bounce things off each other all the time which is great, it’s like a huge mastermind.

Amber: Yeah.

Jennie: So, yeah, and then when she has key speakers, new speakers, new information that comes out, she shares it with you. So, once you complete the course you still continue to get education. But my first one was Holistic Nutritionist and I got that through AFPA. I think that’s right.

Amber: We’ll put the link in the show notes.

Jennie: Ok. Anyway, so that was my first certification and then I just live it, I’ve done it for years. My husband is gluten-intolerant he has RA which is rheometric arthritis, if you’re not familiar with RA. So, not only do I have to take care of myself, I have to take care of him and then we had my son and when I had my son that’s really what started me on my health and wellness journey to make sure that I was feeding him and giving him the best nutrition that I possibly could.  And so that just led into other areas, all my husband’s troubles came down the line and so that just made me dig deeper.

Amber: Yeah, because it wasn’t all just about you!

Jennie: And then Amber, I like to tell people she didn’t push me, she shoved me into doing my first group coaching which was a huge success. I think everybody lost an average of 10 pounds.

Amber: At least, yeah.

Jennie: In over 6 weeks so that was great! That was a great experience and you know what I was doing worked and I absolutely loved it and I still love it today. I love doing the individual clients, group, I had my 21 day detox that I came up with that is strictly food by the way, no supplements, nothing else to buy and people have had huge success with that and it’s just great, it’s just great to watch people make, even if it’s just a little lifestyle change or just do a huge lifestyle change, whatever that may be for someone it’s just great knowing that you helped them achieve that.

Amber: Absolutely! So, we will dig in a little bit more to that, the little shoving incident that we had when she launched but that sounds so terrible. But I just wanted everybody to hear her qualifications and her big why behind everything because there’s a lot of people out there giving advice and there’s a lot of people who claim to be experts and they really don’t have anything to back it so that’s something that is a high value of mine and I just want you all bombshells to know that when I’m bringing this person on, it’s because she’s legit and you should listen to all this advice we’re about to dive into. So, Jenny you know what a bombshell is because you are one. A bombshell is a women who is bold, unwaveringly confident in her business and her life and that might not be every single moment of every single day but we tend to be the type A females. We’re very driven, we have a lot going on as you mentioned in your life. We usually have many, many hats and it’s not just about we focus on our business, usually we’re moms or sisters and friends and wives or girlfriends or volunteers who are usually serving on a board or involved in our communities.

So, our lives are full and so I want you to share with that kind of women who’s like I don’t even know if I’m coming or going. How can I fit one more thing into my life? What three things and why could they implement into their everyday lives, very actionable, realistic things in order to start turning the tide from feeling sluggish, I’m not taking great care of myself to living a healthier lifestyle? Something, 3 actionable things they can do every day.

Jennie: Ok, so 3 things that everyone can do. I think one of the first things you can do is a lot of my clients don’t get enough water in and if you don’t make any other change in your diet water is number one. So, as soon as you get up in the morning if you will start your day off with a glass of water, not only are you starting your day off with a glass of water and getting some water but you are starting your day off in a healthy way and a lot of times when we start our day off in a healthy way that just opens the door to wanting to continue to do good the rest of the day so that’s one thing I think is good to start with.

Amber: What’s the why behind it? Like why does it matter that I have water in my body? What does that do for me today?

Jennie: Oh my gosh. It will increase your energy, you will just feel better and a lot of times people say: “I just don’t like water, I just can’t get it down”. Well, it’s like anything else, you have to start drinking it and then your body starts craving that water just like anything else. If you eat too much sugar, what happens? Your body craves sugar. You know and if you start eating anything, greens or whatever you will find that actually, your body will start craving that because that’s what your body gets used to. But, you will have more energy, it will flesh you out more, you know, it’s just our body is made up of mainly water therefore we’ve got to feed water, I mean we just have to have water.

Amber: What do animals drink?

Jennie: Water, that’s all they live off.

Amber: They’re not drinking Starbucks coffee?

Jennie: No.

Amber: Or Pumpkin Lattes?

Jennie: No. You don’t see them going through the drive thru, “hello can I get a coffee”

Amber: I’ll just say it out loud, I’m vain so when I, I can tell in my skin first.

Jennie: Oh, yes.

Amber: Like energy for sure but you could write that off to oh maybe I haven’t been sleeping real well but when I look in the mirror at it like this, especially the magnified side and your just like: “Oh my gosh, I need to get more water” And on a daily, the more water I drink, the less bloated I look and so it’s getting to be holiday party season, we got these little dresses and you can choose spanks or you can choose more water, right?

Jennie: Yes. Absolutely.

Amber: I need you to remind me of that because we’re sitting at my desk and there are 3 bottles of water and a can of sparkling water around us.

Jennie: I know, I’m trying real hard.

Amber: Ok. What else? So, definitely water?

Jennie: Yes, definitely water. The other thing is you know and I drill this into people’s head but just be prepared you know, you’re busy, right? So, if you don’t have something easy to grab, something healthy, then what are you going to grab for? You’re either going to go through a drive-thru or you’re going to pick something crappy out of a convenience store that you pulled through or you’re not going to eat which is just as bad. So, have easy, healthy snacks ready to go, ready to grab and hey if you take your lunch or you eat lunch out or whatever, have you a cooler, if you know you’re not going to go out to eat you know if you’re the kind that typically goes through a drive-thru or call in something to go pick up, have you a cooler, you know. Take, when you fix dinner the night before or 2 nights before fix some extra, plan that you’re going to have that for lunch one day. So, have that in the back of your mind or with you at all times. I typically have a little cooler that I carry around with me but yeah just always have something that’s easy and healthy that’s you know easy to grab, some almonds, fruit, I mean you can, bananas, apples, whatever easy to grab, go and then you have it and your energy levels stays up, you don’t feel bad, you’re not grabbing the bad stuff and it’ll just help you stay on track. Especially, if you started the day off with that water.

Amber: Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. So, what if I am having a bad day, I’m making a deposit at the bank, one of my employees is being super high maintenance and I’m hungry and so I’m looking in that cooler and then I’m also looking at like a fast food place and I’m stressed out. What can I put in that cooler that maybe might not be an apple that’s going to keep me from going through that drive-thru?

Jennie: What’s something else you could put in there?

Amber: Yeah, because I know you, and I’m the same way my body craves healthy foods but some people are just like that’s not what I feel like and I just want chocolate, what’s something they could keep on hand for those moments where it’s like an apple is not going to cut it?

Jennie: A good one is like a home-made trail mix and that really can crave a sweet tooth, it’s easy to make and cheaper than buying the ready-made trail mix. Throw whatever nuts or seeds that you like throw it in there, me personally I like pumpkin seeds so in mine I put pumpkin seeds, almonds, I do like peanuts so I throw in a few peanuts, cashews and then I throw in a few raisins and try to get organic if you can. Raisins and coconut which is another healthy fat you can get just raw coconut, throw in some coconut and then for chocolate you can throw in either some dark chocolate if you have to have it or, I prefer cacao chips which is a little not as sweet but it can still crave that. Especially if you’re getting that sweetness from the raisins. So, that’s a good one.

Amber: Maybe that’s a step-down too like start with your dark chocolate bits and then once you are on that can be the transition. Now, I’m going to play devils advocate here because then people say oh there are nuts, isn’t that fattening?

Jennie: Absolutely, it is fat. It is a healthy fat in which we need healthy fat if you don’t get any fat in your diet. First of all, if you’re trying to lose weight it’s not going to happen. Our body needs fat and then if you eat too much of the bad fat along with some of the healthy fat then that’s not good either. You just have to find that balance but our bodies need fat, just the right kinds of fats in your nuts, in your salmon, in your coconut, in your you know coconut oils, your olive oils all that good stuff.

Amber: Alright so far Bombshells, we want you drinking water so that you have a healthy system that is being lubricated and so that all your organs are being served and you won’t be bloating and be setting up on a positive note as soon as you wake up with that first healthy start. Then Jenny suggests prepping so whether that is meal prepping for the nights you know are going to be super busy or cooking something extra for your lunch the next day or getting ready-made snacks and having a cooler in your car which is totally something I’ve picked up from Jenny. I used to just keep things in the console and they used to be all melty and awful so keeping things in that cooler is definitely something that’s helped me as I’ve been on the go.

Amber: What’s a third thing that a business female entrepreneur has all kind of things going on, what else could she do each day that’s easy to implement?

Jennie: Third thing, I think that and I do this with some of my clients is that at the end of the day so many times us busy women have been so overwhelmed or wore down and instead of turning to oh what happened good today we beat ourselves up with oh I should have done this today or oh I didn’t get that done, oh my gosh I ate that fricking piece of cake, why do we do that? We tend to beat ourselves up way more than we give ourselves credit for. So, at the end of the day if you would just start a gratitude journal even if it’s just one thing you can always come up with one thing you are grateful for at the end of the day and if you’re having a really hard day, what I like about having a gratitude journal is you can go back and read the previous days and if you’ve just had a really bad day and that’s just one good thing you can do and when you put your head down before you go to sleep you can be on a good note rather than a bad note.

Amber: Yeah, absolutely. I recognise I’m type A and I’m a perfectionist and sometimes Jennie has to tell me “why are you overthinking this? Why are you over-analysing this?”

Jennie: Yes, I do.

Amber: And so her level of being realistic is what really built that trust with me and so I did start working with you because you were with me and so I just jumped right in there and I’m a former personal trainer, my mom’s a chef and I know a lot about food as it is without getting too much into my physical issues, I have some digestive issues, I have some blood-sugar issues and what Jennie really did was help me look at me not what all the articles over the internet said, not what all the standard advice is. Jennie helped me look at myself as my own person micro, well it works for me. Amber it won’t work for someone else and I know that intellectually because Jennie stood in and I’m saying that because one of the thing that did help me was counting my wins, I do this all the time with my business but I wasn’t do it with my own fitness journey so and I have to add to this as I always want to be real because people say: “Amber you have it all together” and you know whatever. One of the biggest reasons why I put high priority on my nutrition and I love that Jennie focuses so much on whole foods and not a load of the supplements and actually using food that grew from the air, it came from a natural source because if I can work out all day long and that’s how much mind orphans need that, it’s a safer world if I go to the gym first, it helps me get energy but if I don’t eat very well if I am drinking too much or getting too much sugar which I don’t typically and you know in holiday seasons sometimes that happens and my anxiety is unbearable and that’s a big reason for me, finding your personal reason why, that’s my reason for treating my body well so that it can function and mentally with all god-give functions to take a lot, plan a lot and facilitate and those are skills that I have but it’s also a heel because then I can take all of those, over-think things and have to have a plan for everything. Having the nutrition helps calm the storm.

Jennie: Absolutely, yes. Yes.

Amber: That’s a big thing that Jenny helped me realize and I guess you kind of just segway into what’s realistic how do people find for their bodies, their lifestyle, you know I have lots of celebrations.

Jennie: Yes.

Amber: You know, everybody has a different lifestyle, some of you go out and have 3 different networking events to go to every single week.  Others of you have 4 kids and all of them have 2 extra-curricular activities so you might be at a ball field. How do people find a way to journey on a healthy lifestyle and still get to live and not feel deprived?

Jennie: Well I tell my clients when I start working with someone, I teach then what to eat, what not to eat and why and so people don’t come to me and I give them a meal-plan and then that’s it. We learn together or I teach them and together we, they learn that ok so yep that’s not good for me, but why. So we learn that, that way when they go to these parties or whatever they know the better choices to make because there are typically better choices and hey if they decide they really want that cake or that chicken smothered with cheese they know that’s not healthy for them but they want it. So, ok they get that and they eat that and that is totally fine but you can’t do that tomorrow night and Thursday night and Saturday night because that’s when you lose the balance. So, you have to find what your vice is or what your vice is and which one, what options are better than others? It’s kind of like eat this but not that kind of deal, that makes sense? And Amber has said if you start following me or follow me now or whatever you will know I try to be an open-book, I am not perfect in any stretch of the book and I don’t want to be, but my advice is my one and or alcoholic beverages. I don’t have pizza or chips or stuff like that but that’s my vice sometimes by chance I might eat families of whole-grains and fish you know, I mean you will find me doing that occasionally or the holidays are coming up, I love the holidays, I bake at the holidays you know, I try to make things a little bit healthier but occasionally not, that’s part of the holidays for me. And as we all sit around the table in the parties what do we sit around? We sit around food, everything is centered around food and so if you’re going to a party and you’re taking something to eat, one thing I like to tell people is: “hey, take something healthy that you will eat” and a lot of times you get sent back home with leftovers so that’s kind of like a win-win and then whatever is leftover is coming home with you and like I tell people too if it’s in your house then it’s in your mouth. So, why not fix something that you enjoy? And then with the leftovers, you have healthy leftovers.

Amber: Yeah, and the other thing if you follow Jennie, she posts recipes and thing like that and I have some that are on the side of my refrigerator. I, again I love food, I am a total foodie but I’m not a sweet person for dessert could I have more prime rib, that’d be great, I love more fat and so I love rich, indulgent thing things. I know that might shock everybody listening because luxury is my favorite word. The thing about her recipes is you don’t miss the junk.

Jennie:  And they’re easy.

Amber: And they’re easy because we’re busy but one in particular is your buffalo chicken dip which is perfect for football seasons that’s one of my favourites, I could go on and on but if you realistically want to be healthy and still enjoy your life and not feel like you’re on a diet because we don’t use that word then you absolutely need to dig into her website. But for those who are listening who are in the fitness or wellness industry and then for all of you because this is a story of overcoming fear so it doesn’t really matter what industry, you’re in I just feel like this is an important story to share because Jenny has come so far on her own entrepreneurial journey and I think you will gain a lot. So, I’m just going to fast-forward for a moment and take it from there. But, Jenny came to one of my very first live events and it was an all-day business boot-camp and then she came to my office for a one-on-one and which I love if someone is in the greater national area and to have them in my office, that makes me so happy. But, she came in and was very uncertain, she said she was afraid of making the wrong decisions and I started asking questions like any good coach would do, started digging a little and then I gave her a challenge and told her she could do it at my office because I had like a space to do it so that wasn’t an excuse, she didn’t have to find a church to do it.

Jennie: Then I said, I don’t know how to do Google Drive, I don’t know any of that

Amber: Yeah.

Jennie: So, Amber had to show me literally how to do that, I had my computer you and Geoff, her husband, hooked it up to a TV and showed me.

Amber: So, I think the thing that holds most people back is they’re not sure if their business idea is a good idea, and there’s no way to tell if your business idea is a good idea unless you create an offer and see if people buy it and see how that process works, see if it’s worth that time, see if you’re energetically connected to it, if those type of people are the people you want to work with and then you have all of this data. So, I basically said why don’t you do a group challenge and everybody could pay her while she’s doing this and this would be a test group, data group and then everybody also had to pre-pay and everybody had an incentive for that so I suggested everybody pre-pays for a spar day and if they hit their goal which was a realistic goal then they got to participate in a spar day where we went together and if they didn’t then they were just out of luck and they lose their money. So, there was a serious care at the end of this journey and nobody wanted to miss out on this spar day but they also had a reason to keep coming which was which I felt was super important for someone who is in an industry where people give up.

Amber: So, tell me about how did you feel when I was like you should do this?

Jennie: How did I feel? I was like what? I mean what I was given the option where I could say no but I didn’t, I said ok and I did it and another reason was Amber was my friend and as coach I didn’t want to let you down. So, we did it together and like I touched on it a minute ago, it was a great success everybody lost an average of 10 pounds and it was great and that started off my journey and it very much validated what my calling was.

Amber: So, tell me about how did you choose the content that you shared? Because first of all she put together a power point presentation which was not her jam and she did it and they were great, she had video clips which she shared, she taught, she had a Facebook group, like you were so far out of your comfort zone, how did you, what did it take for you to figure out, ok this is what I’m going to teach, this is what I’m going to do each week, this is how I’m going to handle people outside of the weekly live groups, like that was a lot to put together, I mean you could say we did it together. No people, she did all the heavy lifting, I did just kicked her out of pants and showed her how to do a couple of things technically. So, you did a lot to pull that off.

Jennie: And well at the time I wasn’t certified in anything yet.

Amber: But, why would you get a certification if you didn’t really know that’s what you wanted to do or if it would work?

Jennie: That’s true. Honestly, I just did what I was so passionate about, what my heart was in, what I thought would motivate people, what I could teach people and you know I just tried to break sections down and I hate sugar just yesterday I talked to a group of kids at my son’s school and taught them how to be sugar detectives and that was so fun.

Amber: How cool.

Jennie: That was so fun, anyway, side track there but you know I broke things down into the important nutrition things I thought people needed to know about, we’ve hit on the fats already, we did a segment on fats already. We did a story showing me when I was at my heaviest in a bathing suit at age 22 and I must say I look better today than I did at age 22 and I’m 41.

Amber: Yeah.

Jennie: All from nutrition.

Amber: And that took a lot of vulnerability to share that to the people so that people could find a way to connect to you in a real way?

Jennie: Yes, absolutely. Yeah, I just went with my gut and my heart and wanted to teach what I had learnt.

Amber: I want to share one thing as I’ve got a follow-up question. But, one thing we did to celebrate losing that 10 pounds, my offices at that time were upstairs, there are some pretty steep stairs to get up. So, she brought a 10-pound dumbbell because we all lost at least 10 pounds, some lost maybe 12 or 15 but most lost 10 pounds over 16 days and which is a lot, that’s a significant amount, we did it naturally with just food no supplements but nobody was slaving at the gym. So, I just wanted to clarify all that.

Jennie: Some people were not even going to the gym.

Amber: I know, I know. I was like you suck. I will always go to the gym; I just love it. So, anyways so she had us take that 10-pound weight and hold it over our head and run down and back up the stairs with the 10 pounds that we had been carrying before that we had gotten rid off. And let me tell you when you think about carrying a 10-pound, 20-pound, 30-pound, 100-pound backpack every day and then it’s gone and you realise what you were doing that was a very powerful moment that I think kept people continuing even after they finished that program and it’s those type of things that Jenny brought to the table because she’s so passionate about it that makes her different. It’s like why are you listening to me? There’s 8 million jackasses out there. There’s all kinds of coaches, what makes you different? And I guess you discovered that from this group.

Amber: What did you learn about the type of individual you like to work with when you had 15 people in a room all different and when you first start business you kind of have to cast a wide net and your ideal customer identifies themselves because there’s a dance, there’s no way you can be like well this is who I want to work with and then they just magically come to you. You have to just start somewhere and then whittle it down. So, what did you learn in that process?

Jennie: Well, I learnt that A) you can teach almost anybody anything but the ones that take action are great and I do want to hit on that with you because you’re giving me so much praise but you took action and if you don’t take action then I can give you suggestions to improve the pace but if you don’t actually implement them then it’s not, your health and wellness is not going to change but getting back to the question of what I discovered. I really enjoy working with a wide variety but my niche and my tribe are my busy women that they say they don’t have the time to do it but my god you do you just have to make your mindset that you do. The majority of the time it’s women who want to be around for their children and they I’m not feeding my body right and I know there’s more things I can do better you know, can you help me? Yes, I can.

Amber: So, it’s so much more than I want to be thin or I want to lose weight for my high school reuninion? Your ideal clients have a bigger idea of health and wellness and a genuine interest in their body functioning.

Jennie: When people come to me and I’ve turned a couple of people and I’ve said: “You know what I don’t think I am what you need because” you know if somebody is wanting that quick fix then I’m not your girl. It’s the total, realistic lifestyle change, what small changes can you make today or tomorrow that you can build on and continue to build on. When you wake up in a weeks’ time you’re not going to be what you want to be health and fitness wise.

Amber: And if you figured out a way or you found a quick fix way, you would be back where you started in a year’s time because it’s not sustainable?

Jennie: Yes. That’s why there’s so many diets and different supplements and cleanses and this and that. Well, how many if they worked everybody would be doing it for 1, works is like a healthy lifestyle and being inconsistent and knowing, you know what I’m going to fall off the wagon, that’s ok.  We all do it’s that you have the knowledge and want to get back on that wagon and carry on.

Amber: It’s like business progress not perfection?

Jennie: Absolutely!

Amber: Just keep moving forward and if you fall down brush yourself off, get up and I got back from New Orleans which by the way I still lost a pound, somehow. I don’t know how that happened, I was like: “I think drinking alcohol puts on muscle mass” I’m pretty sure that’s how it works but I got back and what did you say: “Just get back on track, don’t let this New Orleans trip drag into 3 weeks from now”

Jennie: That’s right because I think I got a few texts during that week. That’s true with pictures, that’s ok.

Amber: Yes.

Jennie: And you know, I tell my clients slow and steady wins the race.

Amber: Yeah, because I’m not going to go to New Orleans and not enjoy the abundance of amazing food, I made better choices and got fish more often, and as a not desert person; I still got desert one night. Obviously, alcohol is a bit hard to avoid in New Orleans as well but even that like I had a plan with alternating between Sparkling Water, even if we went to the lounge instead of having a cocktail, I’d have hot tea. So, there is things like that but at the end of the day that is so far out of my box and out of my normal wheelhouse but Jenny wasn’t like you wasn’t good or oh you sent me that text and it was like great, I hope you had a good time, we have got to get back on track.

Jennie: Get back on track.

Amber: Ok. And so, that’s what I want to hammer home if you are looking to work with somebody who’s going to support you and not make you feel bad about your decisions but is still going to push you. I think that’s why we get along so well because we’re both straight shooters, it’s just it is what it is but it comes from a place of love and because we want to see people be successful, we’re going to be the voice in your head. It tells you the truth, you know. So, if you want to work with Jenny or even if you just want to explore more of what she has to offer; the great thing about being online and having a website and stuff is that you can get a lot of free advice.

Jennie: Absolutely!

Amber: And then if you feel a connection you can make that decision to reach out and start working with someone. I read her newsletter, I send so many newsletters to UnRoll.me which is a resource which I’ve shared with a lot of people maybe on the podcast but when Jenny’s lands in my inbox I make sure I read it the minute I get it so that I don’t miss it because it’s encouraging and it talks about her real life and I see her like 5 days a week so it’s not like I’m not getting enough Jennie Burton in my life. But her style, I just enjoy them and there is usually something in there that I can add to my life and it’s of great value.

Jennie: Thank you.

Amber: You’re welcome and so you can find her at JennieBWell.com that is Jennie with a J,E,N,N,I,E. B as in boy or bombshell, there you go JennieBWell.com. All of her social media links we’ll put in the show notes and I’m also going to link to a free resource she has to offer you which is 1 weeks’ worth of meal plans. So, maybe you just want to get off to a good start. Maybe when you’re listening to this it comes out on Tuesdays, download that, make your grocery list and then next week your fully prepared as Jennie mentioned as step number 2, the daily healthy habit you can apply. Then also for those of you in the wellness industry and might want to be travelling the same entrepreneurial route Jennie has, we’ll put in the show notes the certification programs that she participated in so they can access those and consider those for themselves. So, thank you for being on the show Jennie.