Happy 6-Year Anniversary to the Bombshell Business Podcast (132) - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

Happy 6-Year Anniversary to the Bombshell Business Podcast (132)

August 04, 2022

It’s the 6-year anniversary of the Bombshell Business Podcast this week! Here are six things I’ve learned from the past year of podcast that I want to share with you!

#1: You make it totally worth making this podcast happen. My peers hear me talk about my audience and some of them have been inspired to start their own just because of the relationship they can build with listeners like you. They see how much I treasure you. Truly.


#2: There are things out of my control and there are things within my control. I thought I knew this before, but I feel like in the past year I have learned the art of letting go. Want to experience more about growing through the hard stuff? Check out Pauline Nguyen’s episode. 

Personal Development Cannot Happen Without Personal Disruption with Pauline Nguyen (120)


#3: Focus, focus, focus. (Simplify to amplify.) In business, having a core focus is imperative. With the world being so wonky right now it is harder than ever to find and keep that focus, but I’ve been trying! My episodes with Orsy Herbein and Chrisa Grasso are great episodes to listen to for that!

The Secret to Making Marketing Work with Orsolya Herbein (123)

How to “Lean Out” Your Business for Next Level Growth With Christa Grasso(116)


#4: Trust the process. There are so many things going on in our businesses, lives and MINDS. To learn to trust and let go and not let others live rent free in your head, tune in to my episode with Andrew McConnell.

Get Out of My Head with Andrew McConnell


#5 Women REALLY need to be there for each other. Like really. We aren’t there, yet. At the publishing of this episode, I’m so incredibly grateful for the professional women who have been there for me in this week, especially. My fantastic interview with Jane Finette will send shock waves through you and hopefully convince you to make #womensupportingwomen a priority.

Gender Equity and Empowering Women with Jane Finette (124)


#6: Believe in your calling. You were given unique gifts and talents that you can use in service to other people, which will bring you JOY. The first step in this process is to develop self awareness. So to go deeper in your studies at “You University,” listen to my episode on the short cuts you can take with personality assessments:

My Top 4 Personality Assessment for Self-Awareness: Two are FREE! (111)


Happy 6-Year Anniversary to the Bombshell Business Podcast

This has been quite a year for us all! I’m ever grateful to have this platform to learn and to share, to connect and to connect my guests to you. I love the emails you send and the ways you engage with our guests. While I have to eat my own cookies when I struggle in the same areas, I’m even more motivated to eat those cookies because I know I have the opportunity to set an example while being open and vulnerable about how hard and how amazing it can be to be a professional woman these days. It’s truly a special experience to be a host and to have a community of Bombshells: bold, brave, unwaveringly confident women (and men) in business.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the Bombshell Business Podcast what it is today!

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