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00: The Way of the Bombshell

August 08, 2016

OH MY GOSH! My podcast is finally a thing! I went ahead and had this episode transcribed, so you can listen or read along. Future episodes show notes (for now) will only feature the description, recommended resources and, of course, your worksheet for that episode. 🙂

A special thank you to my X tribe mastermind members (you know who you are) for making this a reality…finally…by not letting up on me making this a priority for…you know…a few years now!

I hope you enjoy, please SUBSCRIBE, and let me know what else you would love for me to cover!

Big Hugs!

The Way of the Bombshell: Welcome to the Bombshell Business Podcast

Welcome to Bombshell Business Radio where fempreneurs listen in to become even more bold, brave and unwaveringly confident in their business and their life. I’m your host, Amber Hurdle.


In This Episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast

In this episode I want to share what this podcast is all about and who it’s for. I also want to tell you about me, my background and why the heck I’m even podcasting! So let’s just cut to the chase and dive on in, shall we?


Who the the Bombshell Business Podcast is For

Now what’s a bombshell? Often times, when we think about a bombshell, we think about a gorgeous woman who walks into a room and just commands attention immediately from everyone. But is it because she is strikingly beautiful or is it because she is very confident in herself and walks in with a refreshing boldness?


This podcast is for type-A, driven fempreneurs. You’re probably pretty successful already and are eager to next level your business or perhaps you’re finally in a position to take a step back and get on top of your business, rather than drowning in the day-to-day of your business. Or, maybe you are lucky enough to have found this podcast and you can take in all of the ways of the Bombshell before you ever get to that point!


Seriously, though, I have worked with all kinds of entrepreneurs, literally all over the world, so while I won’t leave anyone out of my listening audience, just know I tend to attract female entrepreneurs who are personal service providers, so if you own a day spa, a salon or a gym, or maybe are an aesthetician, personal stylist, wellness coach, life or business coach, massage therapist, graphic or web designer, personal trainer, real estate agent, or an attorney…anything like that, this is the podcast for you.


What to Expect on the Bombshell Business Podcast

  • No B.S.
  • I will use my velvet machete
  • I will teach theory that you can actually put into practice
  • You’ll probably hear me throw some shade at all of the shyster marketing snake-oil salesmen and women out there who don’t know a dang thing from personal experience. Rather, they hear it, read it or otherwise learn it and then turn around and teach it.
  • You’ll be encouraged and uplifted.
  • I will never ask you to follow a business trend fad. I will teach you both old school and new business ways of running your business, and I will challenge you to identify if it’s a fit for YOUR unique business. Because I’m all about personalization and no one knows what is going to work for you, but you.


When the Bombshell Business Podcast will Publish

This shall be a weekly podcast. OMG. I can’t believe it. I’m such a commitment-phobe, but here we go!


Where to Find Amber Hurdle (Me!)

Now, if you are listening on iTunes or on some online site, hopefully it will all point you back to my home base, AmberHurdle.com. You can find me on Twitter at @amberhurdle on Instagram at @bombshellbiz and on Facebook at amberhurdlefan.


Why I Created the Bombshell Business Podcast

OK…let me get into the why of this here podcast. I think you are freaking amazing. I think you are fearfully and wonderfully made with all kinds of incredible gifts and personality traits that are unique to you. Yet I hear women ALL OF THE TIME say things like, “I’m really good at what I do, but I’m not a good business woman.”

Or “business is changing so much and I’m not at all techy.”

Or I see an extraordinary woman with a fantabulous business, and then she schlups out a brand and marketing that is so beneath her. And I can’t take it anymore!

So here.

Here is free advice because you, girlfriend, are a slaya and we are going to get your business up to snuff to your standards that should be as high as your heels, sister!


So here is my coaching philosophy. It’s broken into three pillars:

1. Know Yourself

Building your business with a clear idea of who you are and what you offer the world makes you confident and clear on how to make decisions for your business without getting distracted or spreading yourself too thin. This is the foundation to my coaching philosophy for entrepreneurial women (and a few brave men), and we’ll come back to this topic over and over again because it’s just that important. Everything builds on this.

2. Tell Your Story

Once you know what you do best and most profitably, you can start to attract the right people and opportunities. No more energy sucking clients. No more spinning your wheels chasing the wrong business. I’ll teach you how to market and network so that your true brand shines brightly. Then you can attract referrals from your network, work with your ideal clients, who will spread powerful word-of-mouth marketing, and you can be incredibly focused in your own marketing and advertising. With my PR and Marketing degrees and a successful career filled with *REAL* experience working with celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and even my own businesses, I’ll help you simplify these strategies so that they are DOABLE and not just some theory that you read about in a blog written by someone who just learned it themselves!

3. Deliver On Your Promise

I’ll be honest. This is where most businesses fail. Why? Because no one thinks they can slow down long enough to get ON TOP of their business while they are swimming IN their business. I’ll walk alongside you as you start truly acting like the CEO of your company. Together, we’ll carve out time for visioning, prioritizing, planning, project management, getting the right tools and resources to do the job, employee relations, outsourcing, vendor relationships, and more.


Now, I lovelovelove helping Wilma Flintstone do business in a Jane Jetson world. I totally get that times have changed dramatically, but there are so many easy to use and free tools out there that I can totally geek out on converting non-techies into tech lovers. After all, geeks are sexy. Just sayin.


Now a little bit about my background so you know you can trust me. I am known for being a communication and engagement expert. I used to have a celebrity event planning company called Planit Nashville and we worked with all kinds of international celebrities in the country music industry as well as different entertainment groups and record labels. I also oversaw the employee events and communication department for the largest non-gaming resort and convention center in the U.S.


Today I work with Fortune 500 and even Fortune 100 brands, and walk them through my three pillars from an internal perspective with a focus on company culture and employee engagement rather than marketing and audience building like I do for entrepreneurs


I also serve on the Business Advisory Board for the College of Media and Entertainment at Middle Tennessee State University and am very proud to have been featured in an upper division public relations textbook as a subject matter expert. And I just recently was asked to serve as the professional advisor for the Murray State University chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of a America, or PRSSA, so shout out to my Murray State PR students!


So basically I am telling you things not to beat my chest, but just so you know I have a lot of relevant experience in PR, marketing, planning, communication and engagement; and I will NOT steer you wrong. I will definitely be here to guide you not only with theories, but the practical application of theory that I have learned throughout my career.


And I should add that my daughter and I are a teen mom success story, so I’ve learned a lot through the school of hard knocks, but that’s an entirely different episode, which we WILL get to!


For today, just know that I am a wife, a mom of two, a step-mom and mother-in-law and Gigi, an incredibly extroverted friend to many, a community participant, a family gal who loves my siblings and parents and I have a very full life.


We can do this.


We can do this.


Just not all at once!
So, thank you for listening in, Bombshell. I hope to serve you well and am always open to your comments and questions. Just tweet me or email me at amber@amberhurdle.com.




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